September  2021 –  A beautiful sunny and warm month with lots of changing of leaves 🍁

The month of September started with some sadness that we didn’t expect to happen, but we lost our dear friend Mchale she used to be my staff. Mchale and her baby son Noah were murdered. My friend Mchale was super duper outgoing, biggest heart and always up for anything. Friends and Family of Mchale and Noah are trying to get Noah’s Law passed. Please sign the petition and help this from happening to someone else. Here is a picture of us in a ride at Jay Walker’s jamboree.

My friend Theresa and I went for nails at Cloud Nine Day Spa because I bought her a gift card for her birthday almost two years ago!

Sometime in September we had a walking scavenger hunt with Rose Club and we had lots of fun looking for things like a red car, house for sale sign and some holes in the ground. We had to find yellow leaves on trees and hidden behind the trees! We had to find K on a license plate! We had to find a school or school bus and take a picture of.

My Auntie Gail had her birthday in September, so I made her a birthday card! She had a lemon cheese cake for her birthday, and her work her co- I workers put up an sign ( you hit the Big 50 on her desk at work)

We took family pictures and everyone was wearing blue, black and white shirts! Ashley bough Coco an outfit and it matched my Mom. I think my Mom needs some grandkids!

My friend Teresa lost her Auntie, so I mailed her a card.

Then the last week of September was karaoke with Rose Club and Rebecca made a wheel of our own names and then she would spin it and picked our names that way it was pretty cool!  Rebecca put up YouTube and we played karaoke.

I can’t wait to see what Fall brings. The leaves are already leaving and the cold is coming!


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