April 2022-  Covid hit our house  (☀️spring is in the air , I can’t wait until summer ☀️)

This April started with Easter bingo with Rose Club. There were two bingo Easter sheets one was Easter pictures and the other was Easter words. I didn’t get a bingo, but I got a prize for doing the activity with Rose Club!  

One Saturday night, we had Spa night with facials, and I watched a girly movie with Jessica and Theresa.

Another Saturday night was Radio with Rose Club and another Saturday evening was birthday bash with Rose Club!

I went to the bowling alley with Centra Cam for our 25 years of the bowl a thon on the second Friday in April. It was a wonderful morning with 2-3 games of bowling.  In the afternoon I painted tulips for our senior.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I got covid from the bowling alley.  On Saturday night my staff noticed that I wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t really realize until 6 am on Sunday morning, I started feeling unwell. My staff Karli tested me for covid and it took 3 minutes to turn the test positive for covid.   I was isolated for ten days in my room.  It started with a headache, stuffed up nose and a cough. By Monday evening my chest was hurting me too.  The 3rd day I woke up and I couldn’t breathe very easily and I coughed so hard that I threw up in my bed.  Mom took me to the hospital on Monday evening and we found out I had pneumonia covid and also a nurse noticed that I had a burn on my back too.  By Thursday evening I was throwing up my supper, so my staff Kelsey phoned Healthlink and they told her to go to your family doctor but my doctor was away so we went back to the ER for more medication.  I did lots of word searches and took some naps during the time that I was in my room!   I tested negative after 10 days in my room. I still had a cough, sore throat and sore chest for a few days, but I think it’s because of the pneumonia!  I missed some of the rose club activities, there was a baking muffins night and there was a scavenger hunt with rose club end of April but I was just getting over the pneumonia!  I had to reschedule school presentations. I missed Easter with my family and Grandpa Ray because I was sick during the Easter weekend.  Once I got over the covid and pneumonia, we found out that I had liquid in my ear, and I got ear drops for 7 days! 

My BFF, Teresa sent me some sunflowers and other daisies with a bee wooden decoration and a gold sign saying get well soon. She wrote me a note saying a prayer for me to get back to my normal self so I can do the activities that I enjoy.  The Flowers came with a little teddy bear!  It was a wonderful special surprise for me, and I’m thankful that I had her as my grade one teacher and we had stayed friends since I was six years old. I’m thankful to have her in my life!  

My Grandpa Ray came down from Ontario for almost 3 weeks in April as my parents renoed their kitchen and living room, new floors, they got new lights, new cupboards, new appliances and new countertops. They put in an island for the 1st time in their kitchen. It’s a beautiful kitchen. I FaceTimed him and my family a few times and I saw him twice before he went back to Ontario.

Once I started feeling almost 100% better from covid and pneumonia, I could finally dye Easter Eggs!

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter with family and friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful spring ahead!


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