Cool Opportunity

This Saturday I got to meet Shaun Johnson he is the actor in Heartland that plays ” Jack” Amy and Lou’s Grampa in the show! He was at the trade show on Saturday at the CRE here in Camrose! I got a picture that he signed and he asked some questions!!  Last year I got to meet his granddaughter ” Amy” Amber Marshall that is also on the show!  I watch Heartland with my Mom and my Dad every second Sunday!  Also this Saturday we all went out for lunch with the whole group home!!  On Friday I went to the Boston Pizza it was a fundraiser for Special Olympics so, I got some ice cream with brownies and chocolate sauce and Carmel sauce on the side!!    Yummy in my stomach!! I also got a free bear!  Kelsey and Grampa Jack from Heartland

A Typical Tuesday….

7: 30  – Get ready for my day for Centra cam. McHale helps me brush my teeth.
8:30 – I get on the Handi – van to go to Centra cam
9:30 to 10 :30 – I do printing and work in my spelling book
10:30- Coffee break and we sit in the lunch room and the others have something in lunch kit!
10:45 to 12:30 is second block! I get to go into my walker and walk around the hallways! Then I get to do something fun like play a game. I have my lunch at 12:00 and the others have their lunch at 12:30 to 1:00 pm
1:00 to 2:15 I do math on the iPad! I play a game ( Yahtzee) at 2 until 2:15  
2:15 to 2:35 is coffee break 
2:35 to 3:40 I do some poster work for our learning board so I colored some horses pictures! I have a project that I’m working on I’m making present for my grade one teacher! It will be for her birthday! I have finished painting the canvas. I’m do a painting of a laptop and a picture of me and her on the screen, because we email each other and  I am putting presents around us because she sends me presents for every holiday! On the back of the canvas there will be a note about our friendship!
4:00  – I get home at 4:00
5:30 I eat and after supper I go shower 
I PVR Sister Wives so catch up as I go to see my mom and dad when it is on it’s on Sunday’s!  Then I cheek on my Face Book  to  see what is happening and I cheek if I have emails or not! I pick out my clothes and go to bed about 9:30 every night! I like to listen to my cd until I fall asleep!