Interesting Facts About Spina Bifida

This is one of my Special Education Blog’s. I wanted to know more about Spina Bifida as I have 2 friends that have it. At Centra Cam I put together a poster to share the things I learned with everyone there. I thought I could take that information and do a blog as well. So here you go!

What is Spina Bifida?

Spina Bifida is a birth defect that  occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly.  This can cause an opening in the spine and back. There are different levels that this could affect a person in their life. Spina Bifida happens when the baby is in the mommy’s stomach. This happens within the first four weeks of pregnancy. About 120 children are born with spina bifida every year in Canada.

You can’t catch it from someone else.

Problems that occur with Spina Bifida:

  • Fluid builds up around the brain and then requires a shunt to drain the extra fluid
  • Paralysis, depending on the location of the opening (the higher on the spine, the more severe the paralysis.)
  • Bowel and bladder control problems
  • Poor hand-eye coordination which can make things like handwriting hard to do
  • Learning problems or difficulty remembering things.
  1. People with Spina Bifida may use splints, casts, leg braces, canes, crutches, walkers or wheelchairs .
  2. They might have a lot of medical appointments or surgeries .
  3. They might need to use the bathroom a lot.
  4. They might have allergies.

Parents may be able to find out if their baby has Spina Bifida while the baby is still in the womb using a blood test or an ultrasound. Sometimes parents don’t know until the baby is born.

Treatment for Spina Bifida depends on the person and how severe it is. Some treatments might be visiting a brain doctor. They might need surgery, physio therapy or medicine.



It is important for women to go and see their doctor when they find out they are pregnant to learn how to keep their baby as healthy as possible. Folic Acid is good for preventing Spina Bifida. Women trying to conceive a baby should be taking prenatal vitamins and they have the right amount of Folic Acid in them.


Some famous people you might know were born with Spina Bifida.

John Cougar Mellencamp – He is a famous musician who sings popular songs like Jack and Diane, Small Town and Hurts So Good. John was born with Spina Bifida and is now the spokesman for Winnipeg chapter of The Spina Bifida Association of Canada.


Hank Williams: Was one of the most famous country music artists of all time. He was born with Spina Bifida which caused him pain especially when he was travelling and very excited to be on tour. His most famous song was, “Hey Good Looking.”


Jean Driscoll is a champion wheelchair racer who won several medals on team USA and Wheelchair section of the Boston Marathon. Jean never gave up. She wanted to be like her friends and didn’t let Spina Bifida hold her back.


I hoped this blog helped you understand more about Spina Bifida as it changed my outlook on life. Reading these stories about famous people living with Spina Bifida was encouraging. Jean Driscoll made me think of myself because I want to be just like everyone else and I don’t want my cerebral palsy to hold me back!

I think my next special blog will be on Cerebral Palsy. Do you have any topics you would like me to research and post on my blog?

The Busiest Christmas Ever!

For My Dad’s birthday supper my mom made noodles, potatoes, lemon chicken with chocolate cherry black forest cake 🎂 . We bought him a Bluetooth speaker and he liked it. After supper we went to The Alice Hotel to celebrate but my power wheelchair couldn’t get in so we had to go back home and get my unpowered chair! Because I had my normal chair Joel and I got to dance. It was a lot of fun.

December 19th was the Centra Cam Christmas Party. In the morning we played bingo and sang Christmas songs!!!!! A group of people did a skit of the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas it was really good. Everyone does a Christmas exchange with each other and I got a ring holder, a Tim Hortons and Superstore gift certificates! That was pretty cool!

thumbnail_IMG_0838 (1)

Friday December 20th RoseClub drove around Camrose and looked at Christmas Lights. I love looking at all of the Christmas Lights.

Saturday, December 21st our staff Mary Ann dressed up as Santa Clause and then we opened Nancy’s Christmas presents she sent us!!! She made homemade pickles for Theresa, homemade sauce for Craig, a toy for Janelle, spices for Kat and I got some bath bombs. It was pretty nice of her to think of us and send us gifts all the way from New Brunswick. We miss her.


On December 24th we had a house party for Christmas. All of our parents and staff who could be there, came!!! We opened gifts from each other. My mom and I went to the airport mall with our friends and there was a guy who writes on Christmas ornaments so, I got all of my roommates those for Christmas! Kat got me some bath bombs,  Theresa got me a dot to dot coloring book, Craig got me some butterflies stickers for my bedroom and Janelle got me essential oils for my diffuser!!!! I think this was the first time I met Kat’s mom! It was a really fun morning with my house.

Afterwards we went to my parents and Mom and I made cherry cookies, in the evening Mom, Dad, Luke and I watched the real Grinch Who Stole Christmas as a family! On Christmas Day the 4 of us opened Christmas presents. I got Brett Young tickets, and mask that my mom and I made and a bunch of other stuff! We then decorated gingerbread houses! When I decorate the house I like to tell my mom what I want for my house and she does it for me!

We watched Christmas Chronicles as a family. It was really good. I really liked the girl.


On Christmas Day evening Mom, Dad, Luke and I  went to our friends house which has a ramp on it – so my power chair could get in. Which was great….. but then it turned out to be a disaster! They had dog and me not thinking I pet the dog and got hives on my face! Because I am very allergic!

On Boxing Day Mom, Dad and I went to Lloydminster!! My brother Joel and Ashley met us there as they were in Moose Jaw with Ashley`s family! We played Charoodles together!


On the 29th Sunday afternoon Joel and Ashley and I went to the mall and I got to use my gift certificate for my nails!! We opened more Christmas presents and we played the wrapping ball game with everyone! We also took family pictures!

My parents got a pre-sale code from Ashley to buy Brett young tickets the day before they were on sale! We got tickets in the third row!!!! I am really excited I have never been on the floor before!


On News Years evening Theresa, Kathleen and I watched the New’s Years movie on Netflix.


It’s was a very busy Christmas with everything and it was a really special season!!!!

Sunday afternoon I decorated my bedroom door with the butterflies from Craig with my staff Kathleen!!! My mom got me some new books and we also went shopping for new clothes.


We are going to have lots of school presentations again this year that start next week!!!! I hope the year 2020 will be a awesome with good health, amazing experiences and good people in your life!!!