It’s summer time, it’s time to party part #2 and the final months of summer vacation.

The last day in June Centra Cam started their fun in the park for the summer months. We played outdoor games like ladder ball, badminton, bocce ball and outdoor bowling! They also played music outside and they had bubbles that you could blow, but they didn’t really work really well.

For Canada Day Maryann and I went to Mary’s house and had a visit with her and her baby boy Junior. My Dad and I went to the festivals on Canada Day! We watched some music and I had my face painted as a rainbow butterfly. In the evening we watched Travis Dolter, which was awesome! I went back home and watched the fireworks! It seems like my Dad and I always hang out on Canada Day! My Mom was babysitting Coco and she doesn’t not really like huge groups of people around.

For Mom’s birthday we had Skyway Chinese food and two kind of cakes that were chocolate mouse and the other one was marble cake. We went on a walk with my Grandpa and Sandy to look at houses as they’re moving here in September! I brought my Mom ice cappuccino.

For Luke’s birthday, we celebrated his birthday the weekend after Mom’s birthday! We played ladder ball and had BBQ ribs. I got my brother Luke a Subway gift card and then I went in with my brother Joel’s birthday present for Luke and we got him dishes!

On Saturday morning I got to visit My dad, my Dad’s Uncle, my Auntie Gail and my Uncle Wayne on my deck. Their was lemonade sale in the CAFCL’s backyard and Brian was playing music and singing for 3 and 1/2 hours!

On Saturday afternoon my friend Karina from High school and I went for nails. I got to use my birthday certificate from Studio Nails. I got red fingernails with white flowers. My friend Karina got light pink fingernails! It was a lovely afternoon catching up and getting our nails done. While I was paying for my nails, I finally got my Mom’s birthday present, a certificate from Studio Nails. Unfortunately it’s closed on Sundays so I couldn’t get it on her actual birthday. My Mom got her fingernails and her toenails done before Joel and Ashley’s wedding.

On Sunday afternoon Mom and I made bean bags for Joel and Ashley’s wedding dance.

On Friday, my brother Joel and his fiancé Ashley got married in the mountains, Jasper Alberta! It was just the parents who were invited and the wedding party, then there was a wedding dance in August and it was in Saskatchewan.

While I had a scavenger hunt with Rose Club my parents were on a food tour in Jasper with Luke, Joel and Ashley! They went to four different restaurants! For our scavenger hunt we had clues and discussion with teammates where we should look! I got a plant holder to paint. Some hair pins and a scarf. Saturday afternoon we painted the plant holder and in the evening we planted three different plants. Mary showed me Junior in the shirt I bought him! It fits him perfectly. He’s definitely growing! I told her to tell Junior to slow down a bit and stay a baby!

Centra Cam took some of us to the parade on Thursday, this was the start of BVJ weekend. Travis Dolter was playing music! We saw some dancers, girl guides and fire trucks. Some horses and some of our friends who worked at Centra Cam were in the parade too. I enjoyed watching the parade. On Friday evening we went to BVJ and saw Hunter Brothers and Terry Clark! It started to rain right before Dallas Smith, but to be honest with you, we have seen Dallas Smith so many times that it didn’t really matter, it was nice to get to bed early. The Hunter Brothers and Terry Clark were really good! On Saturday afternoon we just hung out outside and then we played some Yahtzee. We went back to BVJ. Hardy and Eric Church played and they were amazing! I can’t wait until next year! I didn’t want to go back to BVJ on the Sunday. I think Janelle, Niki and I went out for a walk in the afternoon on Sunday.

For the Holiday Monday we visited with our friends Kelsey, baby Averie and Melissa! Theresa and I got to hold baby Averie!

On Wednesday afternoon Centra Cam took some staff and clients to Forestburg for a tour! We ate lunch at the picnic table at the school which was across the street from the pool! We walked around the town for awhile and then we went swimming in the pool. It was so much fun! We haven’t been able to go on tours since 2019 because we had a year off of Centra Cam because of Covid. So it’s been nice to go on tours again!

Sunday afternoon we floated in my parent’s pool for the 1st time this summer and then we dried off in the sunshine and I got a sunburn on my legs. It was my 1st time feeling grass that I remember on my feet because I always wear braces, socks and moccasins. It was a neat feeling.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kelsey, Melissa and Kelsey’s daughters came to my parents house, and they had a special surprise, they’re going to take me to Brett Young’s concert in Edmonton in October. I’m so excited. They found and bought wheelchair accessible seating online. I was so sad the week before because we thought they were already sold out of wheelchair accessible seating, but I guess they have them online.

On Thursday morning Centra Cam took some of the staff and the clients to the airport and we saw the black airplanes. One of the airplanes had a K on the side. Later on in the afternoon Niki and I went to meet the pilot at the airport.

On Friday morning, after I shred paper at the fire hall, I painted a bird and a bird cage. We got some canvases that had pictures from rose Club. I think we might have missed a craft night with Rose Club so, Rebecca dropped them off. I painted the bird’s cage brown. Then I painted the bird dark purple and dark blue. I painted the branches brown and the flowers red. I left it to dry and made a birthday card for my friend. I decided to give my canvas to my friend for her birthday present . I asked her what’s her favourite animal and her favourite colour. She said her favourite colour is purple and her favourite animal is kittens. I found a hello kitty cupcake colouring page on the internet. I made the icing of the cupcake purple and brown paper on the cupcake. I looked up what’s colour is hello kitty on the internet, she’s white with a red bow on the right ear! We cut out the hello kitten cupcakes and stapled them together and made them into an homemade “hello kitty ” cupcake birthday card.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the * Bullying Enns Fundraiser * at the CRE. Everything was outside. Their was a petting zoo, a farmer’s market where people were selling homemade goodies and other stuff in white tents. There was a lot of cool and fancy cars and other vehicles on display for people to walk around and look at. There was some jumping houses for younger kids and I was looking forward to face painting but unfortunately the girl who was supposed to be doing face painting just had a baby so it was canceled. I enjoyed looking at the fancy vehicles. They had BBQ hot dog, hamburgers and water bottles that you could buy by the CRE doors! It was fun to donate money for bullying. There was guy who was dressed up as a bull and I got my picture taken with him. There was a table that you could buy some stickers, wristbands, tattoos, and orange key chains! There was someone who was playing music by the BBQ. It was an hot beautiful sunny day for an outdoor fundraiser and we had lots of fun!

On Wednesday afternoon I bought the CAFCL old wheelchair van and tried out the new wheelchair van that CAFCL bought. It’s pretty scary ramp! I’m so relieved I got the old one just in time for our trip to Saskatchewan on Friday Morning!

On Friday morning we headed out to Saskatchewan for Joel and Ashley’s wedding dance and wedding reception in Riverhurst. This was my first time on a ferry. Once we got there we got settled in the Mainstay Inn which had motel rooms and we got their wheelchair accessible room. Then we went to visit my Auntie Gail, my Uncle Wayne, Cousins Eric and Ian and my brother Joel!

Friday evening we went to Ashley’s parent’s cabin for BBQ hamburgers, vegetables and macaroni salad! Then we drove around the area and figured out where everything was for the wedding dance! My brother Joel and Ashley made signs with white and green balloons that showed us where to go.

On Saturday morning while Joel and Ashley were golfing, Mom and I went to the Farmer’s Market with our friends David and Janet. While we were there my Uncle Gerald and his girlfriend Terry showed up from a farm by Swift Current. While we were at the farmers market my Dad phoned us and told us he have decided to come to the dance. He drove seven hours and got there just in time for the reception and the dance. After the Farmers market, and lunch we went to the beach and it had lots of stairs that Joel had to carry me and my wheelchair. There was games like bean bag toss and there was ladder ball. The kids had a table boat in the lake.

Then we went back to the motel and visited with uncle Gerald and Terry! After they left we got dressed for the dance, my Auntie Gail came over and helped my Mom with my bath because theirs wasn’t a lift to lift me out of the tub and it took two people to take me out of the tub. While we were getting dressed, my cousin Grant and his girlfriend Jacklyn showed up.

So as you already know Joel and Ashley got married on July 22 in Jasper and it was only the wedding party and their parents who were invited. On August 20 it was the weekend for the Big celebration of the wedding dance and the wedding reception. Their closest family and friends were invited. I think it was 200 people who attended the wedding dance. On Saturday evening we went to the wedding reception and the wedding dance at the Palliser Regional Park.

So we saw Ashley’s wedding dress which was beautiful! Joel looked handsome in his outfit. Joel wore a white shirt with suspenders. Then they changed into different clothes for the dance. Ashley wore a different white dress and Joel wore a blue dress shirt. They didn’t have a 1st dance, they did that in the mountains at their wedding. They had their puppy Coco for awhile at the dance. They started with speeches from the best man which was Joel’s best friend Joshua and the Maid of Honour was Ashley’s sister Kayla. Then they had supper. They had roast beef, beans and coleslaw. I think there was cornbread too. My mom made lots of squares for dessert. They had a table of pictures of people who had passed away and they made a photo album. We danced in the hall and I danced with most of Joel’s friends! His friends stood in a line and I got to pick who I wanted to dance with. I enjoy dancing while I was in my manual wheelchair. I got to be pushed around and it’s easier to dance. It’s was an awesome evening to celebrate the happy couple. It was super duper fun and I had a blast at the wedding dance. All the best to the newlywed couple Joel and Ashley! I’m so happy to actually have a sister-in-law! An huge congratulations to them and an huge Welcome to our family Ashley!

On Sunday morning we decided to spend the night at my Uncle Bob and Auntie Donna’s house in Unity. We went to the same place where the farmers market was and they had an pancake breakfast, with eggs and bacon. Then we headed to Unity . My Uncle Bob had to carry me up their stairs to their house. We had supper BBQ chicken with homemade noodles. We played qwirkle. We visited with my Auntie Donna on Monday morning and came back from Saskatchewan on Monday afternoon. It was very busy and super duper special and tons of fun. I had a blast at Ashley and Joel’s wedding dance and a wonderful time visiting with my Auntie Donna and my Uncle Bob. On Sunday afternoon myMmom and I made zucchini chocolate brownies I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, I sure did!