A Crazy Ride!

We had a Valentine’s party at Centra Cam on the 14th. I decorated a photo booth prop, we had a dance party. There was an activity table with coloring pages and word searches. It was a lot of fun.

We had Theresa’s 50th Birthday party on February 15th. We had black forest cake with cherries. Mary Anne our staff made 40 cupcakes for the party. Tracy a CAFCL staff member painted Theresa’s, Mary Anne & my face for the birthday party. She is so talented.

Theresas bday party

On a good week I only see my parents on Sunday. Last week I saw my Mom 4 times! (Which isn’t a bad thing!) I was not feeling good and ended up making lots of trips to the hospital. I had a ct scan and ultrasound and everything came back fine. It was really frustrating. It turns out it was just a silly bladder infection but I was in so much pain. I missed a whole week at Centra Cam and all of my activities. I’m happy to say I am finally feeling better.

For Girl Power a class I take on Thursdays we are learning about how to calm down after a stressful day. On Tuesday after Centra Cam we went to buy different things that I can use to calm myself down. I bought  myself some face masks, an eye mask, a picture frame, stress relief roll on. In my picture frame I am going to put a picture of my BFF Miss C and her Mom because when I think of them they make me feel better.

We start school presentations this week! I have 2 presentations at OLMP school tomorrow. I am super excited!

Everything is changing…

On Sundays I spend time at my parents. My Mom and I made hummus, guacamole & chocolate pudding. They are all healthy recipes the use olive oil from Vinesations. They are all really good, I love guacamole!

I got a new ramp that I take to the bowling so I can use my power chair. Mary Anne is a staff member that works with me. She asked her daughter Brianna to help her find a ramp for me. Brianna did and I am so thankful! Brianna and her son came over to my house and I gave them a thank you card. If feels so good to be able to use my power chair. They have changed my life. Thank you Mary Anne and Brianna for making this possible for me.

My staff Nancy decided to move back to New Brunswick. I made an angel food cake that I added fruit and whip cream to. It was like a trifle. We had a party for Nancy on Monday. I also bought her a cheesecake. It was a really hard week for everyone. Nancy was an amazing person in my life. We will all miss her so much. We have a plan to Face time to stay in touch.

Before she left Nancy and I had went and I had my nails done. I got gel nails and I LOVE them! I think I will get them again.

Staff come in and out of our lives. Some stay longer than others. I am always nervous and excited to meet new people but it is hard when some staff say good bye. I have learned that patience makes everything go smoothly. I have to be open to new staff coming but it is hard on me.

Mary was a staff member that left to another team and she is coming back! I am excited about having her back.change-948024_1920