November Is Done….and It feels Like Christmas!

I went to see the Adams Family Play at the Bailey Theatre with Lori. I got a picture with the Sound Guy Duncan he used to work at Centra Cam. The play was so good but it was hard for me to understand because I didn’t know the story line ahead of time. Brian Dumont did so good…. amazing!


This Sunday afternoon we wrapped Christmas presents for my brothers and my brothers girlfriend! Last weekend on Sunday my mom, our friend Chantelle and myself went to the airport mall and did some shopping!


This last Friday afternoon there was a group of us from Camrose Association For Community Living who went to see Disney on Ice in Edmonton at the Expo Centre. We were in the wheelchair accessible seating, so that was very nice! The washrooms were to small for my wheelchair so Kathleen had to help me back up my chair into the stall. But everything else was good, it was a very special performance! I even had some poutine and bought a Frozen blanket.

When we got back to Camrose, we went to Rose Club and decorated gingerbread houses for the Christmas party table centerpieces. The Rose Club Christmas party is  this coming up Saturday night! I am excited for the party. Every year we do a gift exchange, supper, and dancing. Rebecca the Rose Club Leader does a slideshow every year of all pictures throughout the year of the fun activities we have done and I am looking forward to seeing it with my friends. We dress up for the party as well… stay tuned for pictures next month!


On Saturday afternoon my new friend Jamie and I went to The College Farmer’s Market because My mom was selling her jewelry.   We brought a mug for the Christmas party gift exchange and then we went to Garlands and Gatherings at the CRE and I brought a gift for our friend Lisa for Christmas (she is going to be grandmother after Christmas). I also bought a Christmas pin for my coat. We then went to Walmart and I got my haircut. That evening my roommates and I went to the Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Performing Arts Centre. I got my picture with the Grinch.

On November 11 was the Remembrance Day holiday and everyone in the house decorated the house for Christmas! My roommates Theresa and I wrapped up a picture with some help from MaryAnn! This was the 1st Christmas without our staff Nancy! I think the wrapping pictures was her idea so it was kinda sad. I miss her….. we ALL miss Nancy. But we get to Face time her so that is special.


Tuesday night November 12 when I got back from Centra Cam Theresa, myself and Jessica decorated the Christmas tree!


I got a new job volunteer position at Centra Cam. I go to the Firehall on Thursdays and do the shredding. I can do it all by myself. I really enjoy going to the Firehall.



October Was Really Busy!

At Centra Cam we got to meet Chief Dean LaGrange the new police chief for Camrose! He has worked in the police field in various positions for 30 years. He worked in Calgary, Red Deer and now Camrose! He has 3 kids; one is a Peace Officer, one is a 911 dispatcher and one is in RCMP training! Some people gave him a tour and the rest got to ask him questions. I did an article on this for our Centra Cam Newsletter.

thumbnail_Police Chief

I got to meet baby Patrick who is Marrissa’s new baby. Marissa was a staff at my house and funny story we actually went to high school together!


I started reading Charlotte’s Web to my roommate Theresa, she loves when I read to her.


We had the birthday bash and danced the night away with Rose Club. We had chocolate cupcakes and they made a conga line behind my wheelchair it was a lot of fun.


I helped Craig and Becca with the recycling for the 1st time! Its a good thing that I didn’t have my power chair for the cardboard place because it had a step so that wouldn’t be  easy! There is a ramp for the newspapers and glossy paper so it was good!


Then Kat, Becca and I went to Tim’s for coffee! Kat showed me new pictures of her new end tables that she got from Konto! She was talking about Disneyland in October of next year! We had a great time and the washroom was easily accessible!


We went to watch skating in Red Deer on Thursday Oct 9! The skating was really neat, I loved watching it.We had wheelchair and walker seating! There was a big washroom for my power chair and I loved that. I went with Jill, Sara, Cheryl, Joanne, Kathleen and Theresa! For super we went to A&W for fries and blueberry scones.

On Saturday Oct 19 we went to see Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, Chad Brownlee, The Reklaws and Mackenzie Porter! We went for supper at Joeys with Joel and Ashley before the concert.

You gotta love wheelchair seating we were closest to the stage. The concert was really cool. I loved them all. I even got a hoodie!

Every October Camrose Association For Community Living has their charity auction and this past Thursday night we had it!! I have been doing a lot of fun stuff with CAFCL! When I was younger I went to Kandu Summer camp every year!! We would get to go on field trips every week!!! We would get to go to the swimming pool every Wednesday! We would do arts and crafts! I remember getting to go to the corn maze every summer! We also got to go to Stacey’s Farm and ride on her horses an go on hay rides! In the school year when I was younger I also got to go to respite it’s like rose club but for kids! We got to pick what we wanted to do! We did arts and crafts! Sometimes we would like to sleepover and we would watch movies! I remember going on trips to the space and science centre or the swimming pool in Edmonton!

CAFCL means a lot to me and my family. So last night we had a meal, Silent auction to support and make more money for the CAFCL for their program and services! I asked if I could say the prayer for supper and I chose this to say: God is good and God is great, let us thank him as we are fed! Give us Lord our daily bread and bless our time together at this special event Amen! I really enjoyed it! We got to listen to Krista who had been a car accident and it’s so powerful and an amazing story! This year the theme was black and white! They had No Limits balloons on the background behind their stage! They had a sideshow of pictures and their were pictures of me doing my school presentations!!!!! It’s a very special event for the Camrose Association For Community Living every October! You should get tickets and come next year!

I had to go to Edmonton again to get new belts on my butterfly braces as they were giving me sores on my feet that they not supposed to do! So far they are working.

We are carved pumpkins!! Camrose Association For Community Living gave us pumpkins! I got to get scoop lots of seeds  out of the inside of the pumpkins and then Mary- Ann helped carve the faces!

We went swimming at the Wetaskiwin pool with Rose Club. I love swimming it feels so nice to just float. I feel free like a bird. I wish the Camrose Pool would hurry up! Swimming is so important to me.

I went for a walk around Mirror Lake for 2 hours and I got to stop and check the piano they have there. We also walked downtown.


I dressed up for Halloween as a beautiful fairy. Tracy Fontaine did my amazing make up. She was set up at the Retro doing face painting.