My Mom and her Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Kelsey: What surgery did you have on your hands?

Sheila: I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, three months apart.

Kelsey: What were your symptoms? 

Sheila: When I would go to bed at night my right hand would throb like a toothache from my fingertips to my elbow.  With each heart beat a pain would shoot through.  It was very painful, and I had a hard time sleeping.  The only way to get it to stop was to get out of bed and walk around.  During the day sometimes my hand would go numb.

Kelsey: When did your symptoms start? 

Sheila: They started shortly after moving to Camrose.  We painted every wall, cupboard and closet, and I guess it was too much for my right hand.  I remember kind of a pop in my right hand when I was painting the inside of a cupboard, and it started after that. 

Kelsey: Why did you wait so long for surgery?

Sheila: My kids all lived at home at that time, and I couldn’t really look after them with only one hand. 

Kelsey: Why did you finally have surgery? 

Sheila: The doctor said I needed surgery, or I could lose the use of my hand.  It was pretty bad. 

Kelsey: Did you try anything before surgery to help? 

Sheila: I went to the chiropractor, but that didn’t help.  I also wore a brace on my hand to bed, but it would get tangled in the sheets, and then my shoulder started to hurt. 

Kelsey: Were there certain things that triggered the carpal tunnel? 

Sheila: Any fine motor movements seemed to bother it.  If I sewed on a button, or whisked an egg, I would be up in the night from pain. 

Kelsey: How was the surgery?

Sheila: It wasn’t bad at all!  I was actually awake for the surgery.  My hand was frozen so I couldn’t feel any pain.  All I could feel was some pressure. I knew the nurses in surgery, so we had a little gab session, which was a great distraction. 

Kelsey: How long was your recovery?

Sheila: My stitches were healed up in less than a week. I couldn’t lift anything heavy for a few weeks, but I was able to cook and do my household chores.  If I had known the recovery was that fast, I would have done it years sooner!

Kelsey: How are you hands now since having surgery?

Sheila: They are so much better!  I never wake up with throbbing hands anymore!

Kelsey: Would you recommend this surgery? 

Sheila: Absolutely!!!  Surgery was quick, recovery was quick, and it works!

Here is some information I found on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you are interested in reading about it:


Beautiful fall weather that feels like a long warm fall ahead. September and October 2022! 

On the second Saturday of September, we went to the dog show at the CRE! It was neat to see how dogs were able to do jumping over top of the bars. This was called the National Police Dog Championships. The dogs show us how they fight a bad guy and how they keep the police officers safe. We enjoyed the show of dog vs police! It was a great afternoon out of the house. There was a ramp and wheelchair accessible seating so I could see everything so clearly!    

On a Tuesday evening it was the Birthday Bash in person for the second time since 2019. It was great to see our friends that we haven’t seen in three years!  We danced and visited with our friends!  It’s been great getting together with Rose Club in person once again!  

One of my goals in September is donate to the food bank. So, my staff Anna and I went to superstore and got some pasta, tomato sauce and some other sauce that we put in the food bank at superstore.  It was a wonderful way to help in our community.  

I did a word search and it was in a shape of a dog.   

My parents got their fridge finally. Their kitchen is almost finished. The kitchen renovation took six months from start to finish! Last step is the new kitchen table and new kitchen chair set that my parents are redoing.  

My grandpa Ray and Sandy moved to Camrose in September from Ontario! It took four days to get to Camrose by driving from Ontario.  We finally have some grandparents in town!  The Holidays won’t be the same!  

On Saturday afternoon was my parent’s 28th wedding anniversary.  For their wedding anniversary my parents started finishing a table.  My mom bought a new table with eight chairs for their kitchen and they are going to paint it brown and black.     

Nicki and I went to Kathleen and Devin’s wedding.  Which was at her friend’s acreage and it was 15 minutes out of town.  We got to sit in the front row because I was the ring bearer, I got to hold their Wedding Rings on a tray and give them to the pastor after they did their vows! I got a manicure for the wedding. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding, The party hour and reception were in white tents by the house.  Nikki and I were seated at a table with our friend Becca and her husband Tyler. It was like an CAFCL reunion with all the people that we knew from CAFCL.   My friend Elise was a bridesmaid, her sister Tamara and her mom Kathy also came to the wedding.  Kathleen’s wedding dress was lovely and very sparkly and Devin looked handsome in his black suit. All the best wishes to the newlyweds, I wish you all the very best in your future together!  It was a beautiful day to celebrate the happiest couple Mrs. Kathleen and Mr. Devin White.  

On Sunday afternoon my mom and I made oatmeal M&M and chocolate chip cookies. Which were tasty and delicious! We walked over to our neighbour and gave some cookies to our friend Rebecca and then after supper we dropped off some more cookies for my Grandpa and Sandy!  

On Tuesday evening, MaryAnn and I went on a long walk to the lake, around the lake, the underground tunnel and back to my house. 

My friend Kelsey got me Brett Young tickets for Wednesday October 19th.

Kelsey, she showed me that her baby Avery finally fits into the outfit that I bought her! Avery looks so pretty in the outfit that I bought her! Can you tell who picked it out?  It looks like Avery is giving me thumbs up in the picture! I think she’s loves her outfit! My mom made her moccasins and we can’t wait until they fit her!     

On Saturday night I watched Sherlock Holmes. Which was quite an interesting movie on Netflix.   

The first week of October we started Special Olympics bowling on Wednesdays!  It was great to see everyone again after three years of no Special Olympics!  

My Auntie Gail gave me a bird and flower colouring book for my birthday, I think it took me a whole week, and a weekend and few days to get it finished! 

My friend Mary showed me that they were reading the book that I bought junior!  She said Junior loved the book that I bought him and it’s a very sweet book.  My friend Mary and I can’t hardly wait until he’s wearing the moccasins that my mom made him. 

We had craft night with Rose Club on Friday night on zoom. We got a bag with a stencil of a cat, different kinds of paper, paints, strings to put our mask on our heads and some glue sticks that were sparkles. We hand drew the stencil on yellow or blue foam and then we got to decorate our mask! I used some stickers and some art and craft glue sticks that were golden sparkles. We let our masks dry overnight, and on Saturday afternoon Anna putted string through the holes on my kitty mask but unfortunately I couldn’t see very well. It was fun to make the mask craft with Rose Club! I did some colouring of a girl, some buildings, a school bus and an fire hydrant! We worked on a frog cross stitch. I made a donation to clothing bins by superstore that were old Halloween costumes. Then, we dropped by Walmart and I bought a picture frame for my cross stitch frog and I got a night grown that I’m going to donate to the women’s shelter next week. I also donated five dollars to the school’s breakfast club at Walmart while I bought my stuff. On Saturday evening we watched the Witches on Netflix, it was a very freaky and very creepy movie. I would definitely recommend NOT to watch it with small children. Please. They might have nightmares and bad dreams.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, we went to Edmonton to Joel and Ashley’s house. Ashley’s sister Kayla and her fiancé Garrett were there, my grandpa Ray and Sandy, my mom, me and my brother Luke. Unfortunately, my dad got a cough so he couldn’t make it. Joel smoked a turkey, and there were cranberries, sweet potatoes, salads and buns! My mom made orange cheese cake squares and apple pie for dessert, and Sandy brought a salad that she made. Everyone went outside and visited while Joel, Ashley and Kayla were getting dinner ready. After dinner we got a group picture on their backyard deck! It was great to see family and get together for the holiday weekend.

On Thanksgiving Monday afternoon I coloured a picture full of wedding dresses, flowers, hearts, picture frames, necklaces, heals, slippers, and purses! I decided to make the wedding dresses different and colourful dresses. I made them look like graduation dresses and prom dresses instead of white wedding dresses! Late in the afternoon we went for tea at my grandpa Ray and Sandy’s new house in town and then we went home for supper and we watched Sister Wives on Discovery +.

On Saturday afternoon I went to world singing day at the college, Augustana Chapel. It was really fun, and we sang some songs. We saw some friends from Camrose Association and some friends from Centra Cam.

On Sunday night we had my grandpa and Sandy over for supper and we played Yahtzee and I won!

I finished my cross stitch frog on Wednesday afternoon.

Then Kelsey and Melissa took me to the Brett Young concert in Edmonton at the Winspear Centre! The SeaForth opened for Brett Young and actually were really good too. We even saw Brett young’s tour bus which was an amazing experience. Brett young’s concert was on my bucket list for 3 years and we loved every minute of it. An huge Thank-you Kelsey and Melissa for taking me and buying wheelchair accessible seating tickets. I had a blast and probably had the best night of my life! I bought a Brett Young hoodie.

On Thursday evening we went to the Camrose Association for Community Living’s charity auction at Camrose Casino and Hotel. There was an live and silent auction which was online! This was 60s themed and there was photo booth cut outs of people and cars. I would have to say Cherilyn did an excellent job decorating and putting everything together for the charity auction! They even had decorations on the back of the chairs! Great work!

On Friday afternoon we decorated the inside of the house for Halloween. Then we watched the Witches movie the new version with the actor Ann Hathaway. It was like the old version. I would recommend small children should watch this movie with their parents. It was less creepy and less freaky than the other version of the Witches movie! On Friday evening we carved pumpkins with Rose Club on Zoom and we learned about Abuse Awareness from Levi! For my pumpkin I took the insides of the pumpkin out, I drew lots of bats, moons, and a lighthouse so I could cut them out, and I did something on every side of my pumpkin. It was really fun to carve pumpkins with Rose Club, learning about Abuse Awareness and getting into the Halloween sprit. 🎃

On Saturday evening Craig, Rebecca and I went to Augustana University to watch the Vikings men’s basketball game and they played Kings University from Edmonton!

My friend Nancy and her experience with Diverticulitis

Nancy used to work at my house. While she was working at our house she said that she had an hole in her bowel that caused lots of pain and she found out she couldn’t eat crunchy vegetables and red meat. If she eats those foods it would flare up and cause pain! Doctors used to believed that with Diverticulitis you should not eat anything that has seeds in it like tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles. I was curious about what happened and how Nancy found out that she had a hole in her bowel, I hope you can learn about Nancy and her experience with a hole in her bowel.

Kelsey: What was your symptoms for your bowel problems?

Nancy: Intense pain and the feeling of having bad gas but there is no gas.

Kelsey: Now, I know you can’t eat some foods, what’s changed your diet? What foods are bad for your stomach and what food are you allowed to eat?

Nancy: Doctors used to believe that diverticulitis was caused by seeds getting stuck in the digestive track. They used to caution those with diverticulitis not to eat anything with seeds in it, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles and tree nuts as well. They now advise people suffering from a flare up to go on a temporary low fiber diet. I have discovered the things that bother me most are red meat and hard raw vegetables like celery, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.

Kelsey: Where were you when it started?

Nancy: I was at home with what I first thought was a bad flu.

Kelsey: Explain how you felt.

Nancy: I had no appetite which is weird for me! I felt like I was carrying a brick in my stomach. I was extremely bloated but didn’t realize it. The pain was so intense I could literally barely walk. When I presented at the clinic, they took me in immediately and performed a variety of tests. I was directed to the emergency department of our closest major hospital.

Kelsey: What happened?

Nancy: Something I had eaten had been trapped in little pockets in my intestine and busted a hole which allowed the stuff that should stay in my intestines to leak into the cavities around my organs. I was essentially poisoning my body.

Kelsey: What did your doctors do?

Nancy: I spent five days on an IV hopefully letting the hole in my intestine heal. Thankfully, it did it I would have had to have surgery and have a colostomy bag either temporarily or possibly permanently.

Kelsey: How many times a year do you get symptoms again? What do you have to do to get back to normal again?

Nancy: Flare-ups generally depend on how often I’m able to say no to all those lovely crunchy veggies and that red meat that I love so much. When I am having a flare up, the best thing to do is eat low fiber foods and try to stick to as many clear fluids as I can for a couple of days.

Kelsey: What would you say to people that are going though the same experience?

Nancy: Make sure you take a soluble fiber daily and pay attention to your body. If it hurts, don’t do it.

Kelsey: Where did you grow up?

Nancy: A little tiny village called Chipman, New Brunswick

Kelsey: What was your childhood like?

Nancy: I rode in the back of a truck standing up with ten other kids going to the beach, loved riding horses at my aunt’s house and fishing with my cousin. Skating on a frozen frog pond. So, I guess more good times than bad.

Kelsey: What’s your job? Explain, what do you do?

Nancy: Right now, I am working in a nursing home. I work multiple positions including personal care, in the kitchen, laundry and even housekeeping.

Kelsey: How was your move back from Alberta to NB? Explain your travels and how many days to drive back to your hometown! Where have you travelled?

Nancy: Moving back to New Brunswick was exciting but hard. I met a lot of really great people in Alberta. I loved my job and had family close that I hadn’t had the chance to spend time within a lot of years.

My husband drove a Uhaul with everything we had accumulated in the four years we spent in Alberta, my son Mitchell drove his first vehicle across the country, and I drove my Civic. We stopped occasionally for bathroom breaks and gas and slept each night in a hotel. Between the three of us we had four cats, it was 5 long days of driving.

I’ve been to Florida once and Las Vegas.

When I was living in Alberta, my vacation was getting to come home to New Brunswick each year.

Kelsey: What’s your favourite memory of your mom?

Nancy: A couple of years ago I was able to take her to meet Jake Allen and the Stanley Cup. She was incredibly excited, and it was a surprise.

Kelsey: What’s your favourite memory of your dad?

Nancy: Unfortunately my dad passed away when I was only 5 so I don’t have much memory of him!

Thanks so much for your interview Nancy.

It’s summer time, it’s time to party part #2 and the final months of summer vacation.

The last day in June Centra Cam started their fun in the park for the summer months. We played outdoor games like ladder ball, badminton, bocce ball and outdoor bowling! They also played music outside and they had bubbles that you could blow, but they didn’t really work really well.

For Canada Day Maryann and I went to Mary’s house and had a visit with her and her baby boy Junior. My Dad and I went to the festivals on Canada Day! We watched some music and I had my face painted as a rainbow butterfly. In the evening we watched Travis Dolter, which was awesome! I went back home and watched the fireworks! It seems like my Dad and I always hang out on Canada Day! My Mom was babysitting Coco and she doesn’t not really like huge groups of people around.

For Mom’s birthday we had Skyway Chinese food and two kind of cakes that were chocolate mouse and the other one was marble cake. We went on a walk with my Grandpa and Sandy to look at houses as they’re moving here in September! I brought my Mom ice cappuccino.

For Luke’s birthday, we celebrated his birthday the weekend after Mom’s birthday! We played ladder ball and had BBQ ribs. I got my brother Luke a Subway gift card and then I went in with my brother Joel’s birthday present for Luke and we got him dishes!

On Saturday morning I got to visit My dad, my Dad’s Uncle, my Auntie Gail and my Uncle Wayne on my deck. Their was lemonade sale in the CAFCL’s backyard and Brian was playing music and singing for 3 and 1/2 hours!

On Saturday afternoon my friend Karina from High school and I went for nails. I got to use my birthday certificate from Studio Nails. I got red fingernails with white flowers. My friend Karina got light pink fingernails! It was a lovely afternoon catching up and getting our nails done. While I was paying for my nails, I finally got my Mom’s birthday present, a certificate from Studio Nails. Unfortunately it’s closed on Sundays so I couldn’t get it on her actual birthday. My Mom got her fingernails and her toenails done before Joel and Ashley’s wedding.

On Sunday afternoon Mom and I made bean bags for Joel and Ashley’s wedding dance.

On Friday, my brother Joel and his fiancé Ashley got married in the mountains, Jasper Alberta! It was just the parents who were invited and the wedding party, then there was a wedding dance in August and it was in Saskatchewan.

While I had a scavenger hunt with Rose Club my parents were on a food tour in Jasper with Luke, Joel and Ashley! They went to four different restaurants! For our scavenger hunt we had clues and discussion with teammates where we should look! I got a plant holder to paint. Some hair pins and a scarf. Saturday afternoon we painted the plant holder and in the evening we planted three different plants. Mary showed me Junior in the shirt I bought him! It fits him perfectly. He’s definitely growing! I told her to tell Junior to slow down a bit and stay a baby!

Centra Cam took some of us to the parade on Thursday, this was the start of BVJ weekend. Travis Dolter was playing music! We saw some dancers, girl guides and fire trucks. Some horses and some of our friends who worked at Centra Cam were in the parade too. I enjoyed watching the parade. On Friday evening we went to BVJ and saw Hunter Brothers and Terry Clark! It started to rain right before Dallas Smith, but to be honest with you, we have seen Dallas Smith so many times that it didn’t really matter, it was nice to get to bed early. The Hunter Brothers and Terry Clark were really good! On Saturday afternoon we just hung out outside and then we played some Yahtzee. We went back to BVJ. Hardy and Eric Church played and they were amazing! I can’t wait until next year! I didn’t want to go back to BVJ on the Sunday. I think Janelle, Niki and I went out for a walk in the afternoon on Sunday.

For the Holiday Monday we visited with our friends Kelsey, baby Averie and Melissa! Theresa and I got to hold baby Averie!

On Wednesday afternoon Centra Cam took some staff and clients to Forestburg for a tour! We ate lunch at the picnic table at the school which was across the street from the pool! We walked around the town for awhile and then we went swimming in the pool. It was so much fun! We haven’t been able to go on tours since 2019 because we had a year off of Centra Cam because of Covid. So it’s been nice to go on tours again!

Sunday afternoon we floated in my parent’s pool for the 1st time this summer and then we dried off in the sunshine and I got a sunburn on my legs. It was my 1st time feeling grass that I remember on my feet because I always wear braces, socks and moccasins. It was a neat feeling.

On Wednesday afternoon, Kelsey, Melissa and Kelsey’s daughters came to my parents house, and they had a special surprise, they’re going to take me to Brett Young’s concert in Edmonton in October. I’m so excited. They found and bought wheelchair accessible seating online. I was so sad the week before because we thought they were already sold out of wheelchair accessible seating, but I guess they have them online.

On Thursday morning Centra Cam took some of the staff and the clients to the airport and we saw the black airplanes. One of the airplanes had a K on the side. Later on in the afternoon Niki and I went to meet the pilot at the airport.

On Friday morning, after I shred paper at the fire hall, I painted a bird and a bird cage. We got some canvases that had pictures from rose Club. I think we might have missed a craft night with Rose Club so, Rebecca dropped them off. I painted the bird’s cage brown. Then I painted the bird dark purple and dark blue. I painted the branches brown and the flowers red. I left it to dry and made a birthday card for my friend. I decided to give my canvas to my friend for her birthday present . I asked her what’s her favourite animal and her favourite colour. She said her favourite colour is purple and her favourite animal is kittens. I found a hello kitty cupcake colouring page on the internet. I made the icing of the cupcake purple and brown paper on the cupcake. I looked up what’s colour is hello kitty on the internet, she’s white with a red bow on the right ear! We cut out the hello kitten cupcakes and stapled them together and made them into an homemade “hello kitty ” cupcake birthday card.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the * Bullying Enns Fundraiser * at the CRE. Everything was outside. Their was a petting zoo, a farmer’s market where people were selling homemade goodies and other stuff in white tents. There was a lot of cool and fancy cars and other vehicles on display for people to walk around and look at. There was some jumping houses for younger kids and I was looking forward to face painting but unfortunately the girl who was supposed to be doing face painting just had a baby so it was canceled. I enjoyed looking at the fancy vehicles. They had BBQ hot dog, hamburgers and water bottles that you could buy by the CRE doors! It was fun to donate money for bullying. There was guy who was dressed up as a bull and I got my picture taken with him. There was a table that you could buy some stickers, wristbands, tattoos, and orange key chains! There was someone who was playing music by the BBQ. It was an hot beautiful sunny day for an outdoor fundraiser and we had lots of fun!

On Wednesday afternoon I bought the CAFCL old wheelchair van and tried out the new wheelchair van that CAFCL bought. It’s pretty scary ramp! I’m so relieved I got the old one just in time for our trip to Saskatchewan on Friday Morning!

On Friday morning we headed out to Saskatchewan for Joel and Ashley’s wedding dance and wedding reception in Riverhurst. This was my first time on a ferry. Once we got there we got settled in the Mainstay Inn which had motel rooms and we got their wheelchair accessible room. Then we went to visit my Auntie Gail, my Uncle Wayne, Cousins Eric and Ian and my brother Joel!

Friday evening we went to Ashley’s parent’s cabin for BBQ hamburgers, vegetables and macaroni salad! Then we drove around the area and figured out where everything was for the wedding dance! My brother Joel and Ashley made signs with white and green balloons that showed us where to go.

On Saturday morning while Joel and Ashley were golfing, Mom and I went to the Farmer’s Market with our friends David and Janet. While we were there my Uncle Gerald and his girlfriend Terry showed up from a farm by Swift Current. While we were at the farmers market my Dad phoned us and told us he have decided to come to the dance. He drove seven hours and got there just in time for the reception and the dance. After the Farmers market, and lunch we went to the beach and it had lots of stairs that Joel had to carry me and my wheelchair. There was games like bean bag toss and there was ladder ball. The kids had a table boat in the lake.

Then we went back to the motel and visited with uncle Gerald and Terry! After they left we got dressed for the dance, my Auntie Gail came over and helped my Mom with my bath because theirs wasn’t a lift to lift me out of the tub and it took two people to take me out of the tub. While we were getting dressed, my cousin Grant and his girlfriend Jacklyn showed up.

So as you already know Joel and Ashley got married on July 22 in Jasper and it was only the wedding party and their parents who were invited. On August 20 it was the weekend for the Big celebration of the wedding dance and the wedding reception. Their closest family and friends were invited. I think it was 200 people who attended the wedding dance. On Saturday evening we went to the wedding reception and the wedding dance at the Palliser Regional Park.

So we saw Ashley’s wedding dress which was beautiful! Joel looked handsome in his outfit. Joel wore a white shirt with suspenders. Then they changed into different clothes for the dance. Ashley wore a different white dress and Joel wore a blue dress shirt. They didn’t have a 1st dance, they did that in the mountains at their wedding. They had their puppy Coco for awhile at the dance. They started with speeches from the best man which was Joel’s best friend Joshua and the Maid of Honour was Ashley’s sister Kayla. Then they had supper. They had roast beef, beans and coleslaw. I think there was cornbread too. My mom made lots of squares for dessert. They had a table of pictures of people who had passed away and they made a photo album. We danced in the hall and I danced with most of Joel’s friends! His friends stood in a line and I got to pick who I wanted to dance with. I enjoy dancing while I was in my manual wheelchair. I got to be pushed around and it’s easier to dance. It’s was an awesome evening to celebrate the happy couple. It was super duper fun and I had a blast at the wedding dance. All the best to the newlywed couple Joel and Ashley! I’m so happy to actually have a sister-in-law! An huge congratulations to them and an huge Welcome to our family Ashley!

On Sunday morning we decided to spend the night at my Uncle Bob and Auntie Donna’s house in Unity. We went to the same place where the farmers market was and they had an pancake breakfast, with eggs and bacon. Then we headed to Unity . My Uncle Bob had to carry me up their stairs to their house. We had supper BBQ chicken with homemade noodles. We played qwirkle. We visited with my Auntie Donna on Monday morning and came back from Saskatchewan on Monday afternoon. It was very busy and super duper special and tons of fun. I had a blast at Ashley and Joel’s wedding dance and a wonderful time visiting with my Auntie Donna and my Uncle Bob. On Sunday afternoon myMmom and I made zucchini chocolate brownies I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, I sure did!

Kelsey’s experience with COVID Pneumonia!

Me sick with COVID

1. What’s your 1st COVID symptoms?

I got a headache, sore throat and stuffy nose, with cough and a bad fever.  It was like a cold/ flu.

2. Did you get very sick?

Yes, I got COVID Pneumonia.  Mom had to take me to the ER twice.  I was on five different medications. I coughed almost constantly for over ten days, and sometimes I coughed so hard I threw up. After ten days I totally lost my voice.  It was gone for over a week.  I had to cancel five school presentations.

3. Were you vaccinated? 

Yes, I had the vaccine three times.

4. How long did you test positive for COVID?

I was tested after ten days and tested negative.

5. How long did it take you to recover?

I coughed for over two weeks, and lost my voice for a couple weeks, then I got an ear ache and had to get drops for fluid in my ear.  In total it was about a month. 

6. Should people get vaccinated for COVID?

Yes, even though I got the vaccine, If I wasn’t vaccinated for COVID I might have been even more sick than I was!  I think pneumonia was even worse than the COVID and I was really sick! I thought the hospital would have kept me in but they didn’t.  I would say go get vaccinated for COVID because it might save your life. 

Here is some information on COVID-19 Pneumonia I found…

May/ June ” It’s summer time ” and It’s time to party!

This May started with Mother’s Day in Edmonton at my oldest brother Joel and his fiancé Ashley’s house. My brother made BQQ ribs for dinner. We got mom some gifts for Mother’s Day, my brother Joel and his fiancé Ashley got her a cookbook, I got her water bottle with flowers and a picture of us that Misty made for her.

I finally celebrated Easter with my family on the May long weekend. My mom had turkey dinner with sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, & cranberries, stuffing with gravy. We coloured eggs outside, and we got chocolate squirrels! It was great late Easter!

My best friend forever, Teresa needed surgery on her elbow in May so, my mom ordered her flowers! Crossing our fingers that we can get together this summer!

On the 1st weekend in June was Jaywalkers. On Saturday afternoon Maryann and I played Freddy’s frog pond and a ball racing game. I got prizes. I got three stuffed animals, two fish and unicorn.

On Sunday afternoon, my parents took me back to Jaywalkers. I got a rainbow face painting and we went on the Ferris wheel! My mom changed my feeding tube!

Saturday night my family and I celebrated my birthday early . We had a yummy dinner “chicken , peanut sauce , coconut rice with green onions” . It’s Teresa’s chicken and everyone loves it. For dessert Salted Carmel Box Cheesecake. I got a beautiful flower & butterfly wallet from my parents and an beautiful butterfly mug. I also got Costco grey pants and a winner’s gift card from Luke. Ashley and Joel gave me gift certificate for nails. We went to neon bowling after dinner. It was a wonderful evening with the whole family.

For my 27 birthday I went to Centra Cam and I made iron beads into a butterfly shape magnet. We played a game that you get pairs and we learned about money in the grocery store it calls bananas to bananas. We played Yahtzee which I got a Yahtzee. When I got home I was welcomed home, with balloons everywhere. I got some bath bombs, new bedding set and jewelry with purple hair dye for my hair. I got some canvas to paint. I went back home and my mom had friends over for brownie cake with cream cheese icing. I got flowers, t- shirt and a kitten puzzle . My grandma sent me colouring books and markers. It was a awesome day to celebrate with friends!

I made some paintings for Mary’s son and Mary’s daughter. Joshua Junior was born on My birthday which is June seventh! Which made my day even more extra special. I wanted to make something for his big sister Alayna. I made a rainbow with a blue background and some clouds for Baby Junior! I made green glass with a soccer ball with a soccer net in the background for big sister Alayna!

On Saturday morning I dyed my hair purple! In the afternoon I got to go to winners and I got to use my gift card from Luke. I got a butterfly mug, bubble bath and bath bombs which is watermelon flavoured and strawberry flavoured . I’m looking forward to using them. Thanks for the Winner’s gift card Luke!

On Sunday afternoon my Auntie Gail came over from Lloydminster! We made homemade bath bombs. She gave me a few canvases for painting and a wooden box to paint, colouring books and word search books. I finally finished my cross stitch butterfly for Teresa’s birthday on Monday evening! On Wednesday afternoon was my last school presentation of the year.

On Wednesday evening I got to meet Kelsey’s newest baby girl Averie Jade! On Saturday afternoon I decided to paint my butterfly wooden box from my Auntie Gail. I made it rainbow colours!

On Sunday afternoon, My mom and I went shopping for Mary’s newest baby boy Joshua Junior, I got to meet him and hold him! Congratulations on your baby boy Mary and Joshua! My mom made him moccasins and we got him clothes & a children’s book! I also painted a picture of an rainbow clouds and his name!

This was Father’s Day, our plan was changed due to my Dad was called into work. After my dad worked he picked up some pizza and we gave him some presents. Joel gave him tools, Luke gave him some Bose, and I got a t- shirt deigned with musical guitar, drums and other musical instruments which Misty made. Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Dad! I love you very much!

Since the beginning of June I have been going back to Centra Cam for four mornings a week and then I shred paper at the fire hall on Friday mornings.

On Monday afternoon I finished my butterfly box and I started a sunset painting for my senior Sharon! Tuesday afternoon I did some more pink and purple paint into the sunset picture for my senior Sharon.

On Wednesday afternoon we drew the palm trees on the sunset painting and I painted over top with green and brown paint! I organized my paints in my butterfly box! On Thursday afternoon we drew the outline of the trees and paint the leaves more green. We put a quote “A sunset tells us what we are and where we should be”.

On Friday afternoon I got a cleaning at the dentist and we finished American Idol in the evening.

Saturday morning I dressed up as I was supposed to be watching a friend of mine, Alesha get married to Neil but unfortunately the app wasn’t working properly. So that was disappointing for me. Saturday afternoon I did my fingernails, Janelle, me and our staff went out for a walk and took some pictures.

We watched some of Cinderella’s story while having supper and then went to an outside party at my parents house. My dad’s band was playing in the backyard, * the baking soda *. Auntie Karen and Dave were there! I got to met Joshua’s fiancé, Donnell. It’s seems like everyone is in engaged in Joel’s friends group!

Sunday morning my parents put up our swimming pool in the backyard! My Dad and I played ladder ball on Sunday afternoon. My Mom and I watched my friend Alesha and Neil’s wedding video! It was an beautiful day to get married!

It’s been busy. I hope it slows down a bit!

My friend Kelsey and her journey with A1AD

My friend Kelsey has A1AD and I was curious about her journey. She works with me at my house! I did know that A1AD was a thing that you could get in your lungs and could be carried down genetically in your family! I hope people will learn about Kelsey and her journey with her A1AD and her asthma!

Kelsey W: What is Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and what does it do?

Kelsey G: Alpha 1 is due to a mutation in the SERPINA1 gene.  It is a lung and liver disease. It can effect either organs or both. My family is lung affected. If caught in time it can be managed with lifestyle, steroids and intravenous infusions. For more severe cases it can result in double lung transplants. Which both my dad and his sister have had.

Kelsey W What’s were your symptoms of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency?

Kelsey G: My symptoms were Shortness of breath, wheezing chronic lung infection and knife stabbing pain in my ribs and back.

Kelsey W: Does this run in your family and who also has it?

Kelsey G: It started with my dad, then my brother and I were tested. We both carry the A1AD Gene. Both of my dad’s parents carry the gene. His brothers and sisters both carry it as well. When my dad was diagnosed, he was only the tenth person in Canada to be known to have it. So it was hard to find a doctor that specialized in it. But he found Dr. Lein at the U of A. Out of my brother and I, so far, only I have shown symptoms. But the more they learn about the disease the more they are finding that it can show up in your life at anytime. You can be healthy for 50 years and then it can activate and come out of nowhere.

Kelsey W: What is your advice for other people who have it?

Kelsey G: Stay active, don’t smoke and keep alcohol to a minimum. And if you feel like you even slightly are having a hard time breathing see a doctor! Early intervention can make all the difference.

Kelsey W: Do any of your kids have it?

Kelsey G: Because their dad does not carry the gene, they only have a 25% chance of it being passed down to them. We haven’t had them tested yet!

Kelsey W: How did you find out that you had asthma and A1AD?

Kelsey G: I found out that I had asthma when I was two. I was wheezing a lot so my mom took me to my pediatrician and they diagnosed me. Then at twelve, my dad got sick. After extensive testing he was diagnosed with A1AD. Because it’s genetic they tested my brother and I right away. We both carry the gene.

Kelsey W: Where did you grow up?

Kelsey G: Tumbler Ridge. A tiny town in northern BC. Weird thing is, out of a town of less then 2000 people and the disease still being relatively new, there have been 8 people diagnosed in Tumbler. 6 people belonging to my family.

Kelsey W: What’s your favourite memory of your mom?

Kelsey G: When we surprised her with her puppy Wiley.

Kelsey W: What’s your favourite memory of your dad?

Kelsey G: Since he has passed I can’t pick a favourite. All of them are so special to me.

Kelsey W: What did you do after school?

Kelsey G: I went back to school for business and accounting

Kelsey W: Were you popular in school?

Kelsey G: Tumbler was so tiny there wasn’t things like clicks or different groups of kids. Most of the kids were friends with everyone.

Kelsey W: What did you do for fun when you were a kid?

Kelsey G: Swimming or biking. We pretty much grew up at the arena. I figure skated and my brother played hockey.

Kelsey W: What are your hobbies?

Kelsey G: Being a mom, making spreadsheets for fun, traveling with my family and camping.

Kelsey W: Where have you travelled?

Kelsey G: Germany, France, Italy, Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Kelsey W: How many jobs did you have before this job?

Kelsey G: Panago pizza , foxsal communications then, I worked at a Bar, then moved here I worked at family services for children with disabilities. Then I came to team 12.

Kelsey W: When did you start your family?

Kelsey G: When I was 16, I started to take care of a little girl who became my own child. Then I met Joshua when I was 25, and we had our first baby in 2019.  I just has a baby girl in May 2022 her name is Averie.

Here is some information I found on the internet…

What Is AAT Deficiency?

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is a genetic disease, which means it’s passed down to you from your parents. It can cause serious lung or liver disease. You may also hear it called AAT deficiency. Symptoms often include trouble breathing and jaundiced, or yellow, skin. There’s no cure, but treatments can help you manage your liver and breathing problems. You get the disease because your liver doesn’t make enough of a protein called alpha-1 antitrypsin, or AAT. You need AAT to protect your lungs. Without it, infections and other irritants, like tobacco smoke, break down parts of your lung even faster. If you have AAT deficiency, you might not have breathing symptoms until you’re in your 20s or 30s. When they start, you could feel short of breath or wheeze when you breathe, just like someone who has asthma. For some people, AAT deficiency can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD). When you have COPD, you often have symptoms of emphysema, a serious condition that makes it hard for you to push air out of your lungs. COPD can make you cough up mucus, make you wheeze or have trouble breathing, and make your chest feel tight.

My Friend Norah and her Spinal Stenosis

Norah worked at CAFCL office for 15 years and I would see her around the office and through the different activities. When I heard that she had back surgery I was curious about her experience with her surgery and her recovery on her back! Thanks so much for your information and interview with your spinal stenosis. I hope people can learn about Norah and her experience.

Kelsey: What’s were your symptoms?  

Norah: I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis about 10 years ago. It was very painful to walk.

Kelsey: Why did you need back surgery? 

Norah: Vacuuming all sorts of different things shovelling snow was impossible and it got to the point where vacuuming or washing the floor was next to impossible.

Kelsey: How much pain were you in before your surgery, how long was recovery from the surgery?

Norah: The pain was pretty severe it went from my lower back down the back of my legs into my feet and up the front of my calves. The recovery from the surgery was four months. And up until the four months I didn’t know if I had done the right thing. I never had physio therapy before or after but after the four months. I was able to walk for a couple days and then a new pain started and I thought oh dear. I had an appointment with the surgeon and told him about the pain and he said unfortunately it probably is still part of the stenosis because it goes all the way up my spine. He told me in about six years I would probably need it again. I did not want to hear that but I’m so glad that I had the surgery.

Kelsey: If anyone else need this surgery, what would you say to them?

Norah: If anybody has it, I would say get the surgery it is changed my life. It’s given me back my life, I guess you could say I am able to walk now. I do an average of 10 to 15,000 steps a day which is about an hour and a half to two hours of walking.

Kelsey: What’s your hobbies?

Norah: As for hobbies I have all sorts of hobbies I love to paint, knit and crochet. I love to play cards with my good friends or family and grandkids.

Kelsey: Tell me about your childhood, where did you grow up? Do you have any siblings?

Norah: I grew up in Edmonton I was the youngest out of five kids, I had two sisters and two brothers.

Kelsey: How do I know you?

Norah: I worked at CAFCL for just about 15 years, and I met you through work at different events.

Kelsey:  Do you have any memory of your parents?

Norah: I absolutely have great memories of my parents. They were the best parents any kid could ask for. We didn’t have a lot, but we always had a roof over our head and lots of food and clothes on our back. My parents have been gone for quite a while, my mom 15 years and my dad about 25 years now. They worked hard and the kitchen table always had lots of family and friends around it.

Kelsey: Did your family and friends give you support for your surgery?

Norah: My siblings and my kids gave me lots of support and my Friends were amazing.

Kelsey: What hobbies did you do as a child? 

Norah: As a child I didn’t really have hobbies I babysat a lot I always loved kids.

Here is some information I found on the internet:

Spinal stenosis is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal or neural foramen that results in pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots.[6] Symptoms may include pain, numbness, or weakness in the arms or legs.[1] Symptoms are typically gradual in onset and improve with bending forwards.[1] Severe symptoms may include loss of bladder control, loss of bowel control, or sexual dysfunction.[1

Causes may include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal tumors, trauma, Paget’s disease of the bone, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and the genetic condition achondroplasia.[3] It can be classified by the part of the spine affected into cervical, thoracic, and lumbar stenosis.[2] Lumbar stenosis is the most common, followed by cervical stenosis.[2] Diagnosis is generally based on symptoms and medical imaging.[4]

Treatment may involve medications, bracing, or surgery.[6] Medications may include NSAIDs, acetaminophen, or steroid injections.[7] Stretching and strengthening exercises may also be useful.[1] Limiting certain activities may be recommended.[6] Surgery is typically only done if other treatments are not effective, with the usual procedure being a decompressive laminectomy.[7]

Spinal stenosis occurs in as many as 8% of people.[4] It occurs most commonly in people over the age of 50.[8] Males and females are affected equally often.[9] The first modern description of the condition is from 1803 by Antoine Portal, and there is evidence of the condition dating back to Ancient Egypt.[10]

My staff Alex and her tore ACL and MCL

I met Alex while she was working at my house. When, she tore her ACL and MCL, she said you should interview me about her experience. I quickly made-up interview questions.  When I found out she hurt her knee and needed surgery, I was scared and shocked to hear the news!

Kelsey: What happened with the ACL and MCL in your knee?

Alex: I play for Ambrose Women’s basketball team, and I tore my Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) in a practice during preseason. I got my leg caught between my teammate and fell backwards and as I fell it twisted and I heard a loud POP.

Kelsey: Rate your pain 1-10

Alex: My pain depends on the day, when I sit down, I have no pain, but when I walk for a long time I have a pain around a 4. My swelling is still there in my knee.

Kelsey: What things are difficult for you to do?

Alex: Things that are now difficult for me to do are any physical activities. I also am unable to bend my knee all the way due to loss of flexion in my leg for keeping it straight for 2 weeks after surgery. But the flexion will return in a few months.

Kelsey: How did your family act when you hurt yourself?

Alex: When I got hurt, my family felt sad for me because they knew I was in a lot of pain. My mom felt bad for me because she had the same thing happen to her knee. But my whole family was very supportive and helped me through the whole process.

Kelsey: What would you tell people that went though this same issue in their knee? 

Alex: I would tell other people to keep their head up, it is a very difficult and serious injury but having the surgery has allowed me to attempt physical activities again. Although recovery time is around one year, it is definitely a learning experience. I’m hoping it is worth it in the end.

Kelsey: Can you still play your favourite sports?

Alex: I can not play them at the moment, but I am hoping to return to all of my activities once I am fully healed.

Kelsey: What are your hobbies?

Alex: My hobbies are hiking, playing basketball, hanging with my family and friends, and going to the lake, watching the sunset (not really a hobby ha-ha) and snowboarding!

Kelsey: How was your childhood?

Alex: My childhood was good! I grew up in a Christian household, and I have two siblings. A younger sister and younger brother. My childhood was filled with love laughter and so much adventure.

Kelsey: What’s your plan after school, what did you go to school for?

Alex: I am taking bachelor of arts in behavioural science and after that I am going into a two year education degree to become a teacher for children with special needs.

I found this information on the internet if you would like to know more about ACL and MCL.

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) connects the top of your shinbone (tibia) to the bottom of your femur (thighbone). Located outside of your knee joint, this ligament helps hold your bones together and adds stability to your knee. MCL injuries are most common in contact sports, like soccer and football, and are the result of a hit to the outer part of the knee. While MCL surgery can be necessary in some situations, it’s not always the go-to form of treatment. Symptoms of an MCL Injury An MCL tear has similar symptoms to other knee injuries, like ACL tears. Because of the similar symptoms, it’s crucial to have an orthopaedic physician assess your injury. Most commonly, the following symptoms are reported after an MCL injury: A popping sound at the time of injury A swollen knee joint Pain and tenderness along the inside edge of the knee Locking or catching in the knee joint Diagnosing an MCL Injury Your physician will need to first examine your knee by bending or applying pressure to the outside of the joint. This will also tell them if your knee is loose. From there, an orthopaedic surgeon will likely order imaging tests to get a look at your knee joint. An X-ray will show them the bones in your knee while an MRI scan will give them a closer look at your ligaments. For patients with claustrophobia or anxiety, an open MRI scan can be ordered in certain locations. Once your orthopaedic physician has reviewed your scans and completed the physical examination, they will classify your MCL tear as one of the following grades: Grade I: A partial MCL tear Grade II: A near complete MCL tear Grade III: A complete MCL tear with a non-functional ligament MCL Treatment The right MCL treatment plan will depend on the severity of your tear. Grade I and Grade II tears can heal on their own within a few days to a few weeks as long as you get plenty of rest. Since Grade III MCL injuries are complete tears, the ligament is unable to heal itself and surgery is needed. Surgery may also be needed if there is any grade of an MCL tear along with other ligament issues. A nonsurgical treatment plan will include some or all of the following: Applying ice to reduce swelling Taking anti-inflammatory medication to reduce pain and swelling Using an elastic bandage or brace to compress the knee Walking with crutches to keep the weight off the injured knee Limiting activities that could cause reinjury or disrupt healing Physical therapy to regain strength MCL Surgery & Repair During MCL surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon will make small incisions in your knee and insert an arthroscope, which is a small tube-shaped instrument. Methods for reattaching or reconstructing the torn ligament can vary. Options include using a portion of the patellar tendon (which connects the tibia and the kneecap) or the hamstring tendon (from the back of the thigh). Tendon grafts can come from the patient or an organ donor. MCL surgery is typically an outpatient procedure, meaning an overnight stay in the hospital is not necessary. Recovering from an MCL Injury Whether MCL surgery is needed or not, the outlook for recovery after a tear is very good. However, recovery times will depend on the severity of the injury and the treatment option you’re prescribed. It’s important to follow the guidance of your orthopaedic surgeon and/or physical therapist throughout the recovery period to ensure that your knee heals properly and to prevent further injury.

April 2022-  Covid hit our house  (☀️spring is in the air , I can’t wait until summer ☀️)

This April started with Easter bingo with Rose Club. There were two bingo Easter sheets one was Easter pictures and the other was Easter words. I didn’t get a bingo, but I got a prize for doing the activity with Rose Club!  

One Saturday night, we had Spa night with facials, and I watched a girly movie with Jessica and Theresa.

Another Saturday night was Radio with Rose Club and another Saturday evening was birthday bash with Rose Club!

I went to the bowling alley with Centra Cam for our 25 years of the bowl a thon on the second Friday in April. It was a wonderful morning with 2-3 games of bowling.  In the afternoon I painted tulips for our senior.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I got covid from the bowling alley.  On Saturday night my staff noticed that I wasn’t feeling well, but I didn’t really realize until 6 am on Sunday morning, I started feeling unwell. My staff Karli tested me for covid and it took 3 minutes to turn the test positive for covid.   I was isolated for ten days in my room.  It started with a headache, stuffed up nose and a cough. By Monday evening my chest was hurting me too.  The 3rd day I woke up and I couldn’t breathe very easily and I coughed so hard that I threw up in my bed.  Mom took me to the hospital on Monday evening and we found out I had pneumonia covid and also a nurse noticed that I had a burn on my back too.  By Thursday evening I was throwing up my supper, so my staff Kelsey phoned Healthlink and they told her to go to your family doctor but my doctor was away so we went back to the ER for more medication.  I did lots of word searches and took some naps during the time that I was in my room!   I tested negative after 10 days in my room. I still had a cough, sore throat and sore chest for a few days, but I think it’s because of the pneumonia!  I missed some of the rose club activities, there was a baking muffins night and there was a scavenger hunt with rose club end of April but I was just getting over the pneumonia!  I had to reschedule school presentations. I missed Easter with my family and Grandpa Ray because I was sick during the Easter weekend.  Once I got over the covid and pneumonia, we found out that I had liquid in my ear, and I got ear drops for 7 days! 

My BFF, Teresa sent me some sunflowers and other daisies with a bee wooden decoration and a gold sign saying get well soon. She wrote me a note saying a prayer for me to get back to my normal self so I can do the activities that I enjoy.  The Flowers came with a little teddy bear!  It was a wonderful special surprise for me, and I’m thankful that I had her as my grade one teacher and we had stayed friends since I was six years old. I’m thankful to have her in my life!  

My Grandpa Ray came down from Ontario for almost 3 weeks in April as my parents renoed their kitchen and living room, new floors, they got new lights, new cupboards, new appliances and new countertops. They put in an island for the 1st time in their kitchen. It’s a beautiful kitchen. I FaceTimed him and my family a few times and I saw him twice before he went back to Ontario.

Once I started feeling almost 100% better from covid and pneumonia, I could finally dye Easter Eggs!

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter with family and friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful spring ahead!