A Busy Saturday

Summer went super fast. It is already feeling like fall here in Camrose. Last Saturday was super busy. Everyone in our group home went to the Brewhouse, this was the first weekend that Becca was here as she was away for a really long time. She was taking some schooling. We had to put two tables together because there were lots of us. I got to have a dessert, I had a bumble cake, it was pretty good it had whipped cream with it, but I asked for ice cream instead. It is better that way.



After our Brewhouse lunch we went to Walmart. Me, Theresa and Kat bought coconut facemasks. Coconut is my favorite scent. All night we watched the High School musical movies. It was very crazy, because I have never watched three movies in one night before. So we had a girls night in, with our facemasks and our movie marathon.


I am so excited for this new school year because we will be doing more presentations and this is almost my fourth year of doing presentations. Because we don’t have a swimming pool anymore, a group of CAFCL is going to join SingAbles which is a choir. I did drama in school but this will be very different for us to do. This is a brand new program in Camrose and I am super excited to learn. And everyone is going to it!




Walks, Nails and a Celebration

This week I did something new! On Friday evening  Theresa, Levi and myself went to Safeway to get flowers for Marianne from everybody at CAFCL. There was a special party being held in honour of Marianne because she won a Gold and a Silver medal at the national Special Olympics in swimming! While we were there we had music playing and we danced on the deck. They had hot dogs and salads and fruit and the best of all chocolate cake and ice cream. The only problem with the party is that there were lots of wasps. I am so happy that I got to celebrate with Marianne and show her that she is my friend. I am so proud of her.

marianne pool

This is the pool in Antigonish NS where Marianne swam.

For my birthday I got a gift card to Studio nails, so I got to use it finally! I have never had gel nails before. This was a new experience for me. Nancy took me to go get them done and she told me about all the steps because she had done this lots. I went in knowing that I wanted lady bugs on my nails, but the lady doing my nails helped me decide on what other colours to do as well. We decided on green, with sparkles on the top that go down, then my ring finger on each hand is a lady bug! This was the first time that Nancy had taken me out of my chair, and put me in a real seat, because my legs kept hitting the table and it was very uncomfortable. She did a really good job. It took 2 hours to do my gel nails.



On Sunday Karli came over to visit with her baby Wren Charles. He is 7 months old already and I was excited that I got to hold him. It feels like he is growing up so fast but I am so excited to see Karli around again when she is off maternity leave.


Later on Sunday I went home to my parents. My parents had a wedding to go to this coming  Saturday so we had to go shopping for new clothes for my dad to wear and my mom needed new shoes for her dress that she was wearing. We went to Winners and I got a new lunch kit, it is a pink Nike one that has a Nike Symbol on the front of it and on the side it says “Just do It.’ Before going home that night we picked up ice caps and timbits from Tim Hortons. Then my mom and I went for a walk on the berm after supper, we just walked and talked for awhile before I had to go home.


This Week

Friday the 10th Centra Cam had a pool day in Wetaskiwin. The Wetaskiwin pool has 2 separate area, the first one has a waterslide, and a lazy river. This pool was pretty warm. My aid Kennedy and I danced in the water  it was really fun.


The other pool is a lane swimming pool, for people to practice swimming. So we got there at 11 and swam for an hour and we had lunch outside and then we went back in to the pool for another 2 hours. I went in the hot tub twice, because it had a ramp. It was my first time going into a hot tub since I hit my head in Camrose. Even though the pool in Camrose is closing for awhile, we are looking forward to a new pool  because it will be more accessible. They are planning on adding a new waterslide and lazy river, and best of all an accessible hot tub. So I will get to go in the hot tub after Special Olympics Swimming. The downside is that the Camrose Pool will be closed for a whole year.


Friday evening we had birthday bash with Rose Club. It was held outside on our driveway. Derek had music playing and we danced. There was also cake to celebrate everyone’s birthday in August.

Saturday afternoon I did my nails, I painted them pink with sparkles. This weekend I am going to Studio nails here in Camrose to get gel nails. This will be the first time I have ever gotten gel nails. I found a picture on Pinterest that is butterflies and flowers so I am going to get those done! I will keep you all posted with pictures next week!


On Tuesday evening I went to see Mama Mia, it was really funny, I went with Theresa and Craig, we all loved it. Tuesdays in Camrose movies are half price!


I am excited for this next week because tonight is Marianne’s celebration, she got a gold medal in the women’s Special Olympics Nationals in Antigonish NS! Tomorrow is Tara’s open house, she moved out of our house and into another Teams, so we get to celebrate with her. I was really sad when she moved out, she had almost been there for a whole year. Then on Sunday I am going to the new Costco in Leduc with my mom. So it will be a very busy and very fun weekend.


Big Valley Jamboree

Big Valley Jamboree (BVJ) is every August Long Weekend, it is a country music festival held in my home town. It is held by the CRE and it brings a whole bunch of different country stars. Every evening we went to the Casino for supper, there were a group of people from the Camrose Association who went to supper together.  We had a weekend pass so we could go every night. They had us sitting on a deck which was nice for my chair. It was pretty easy to get to our seats with my chair, because of the ramp and the deck- there were no stairs. On Friday we got there at around 7 and were able to see Thomas Rhett and Paul Brandt. It was super busy!


Saturday, we saw Alabama and Dallas Smith, every day we got to the BVJ grounds around 730, before we went we just hung out at home. It was raining pretty much all day Saturday but lucky for us it only rained in between the shows that we saw, so we didn’t miss anyone! There was a pretty good looking guy working security that night, so that was fun.


Sunday, we saw Florida Georgia Line and Brett Eldredge, this was our favorite night! Florida Georgia Line was incredible and the fireworks were amazing. We had fireworks every night but on Sunday they set the stage on fire as a stunt. Darby and I danced a lot that night, down where they were playing.


Because of BVJ I didn’t go home on Sunday, so I was excited to go home on Monday. I got to go in my mom and dads pool and float around. My dad and mom had to lift me into the pool, it is a 2 person life, someone has to hold the floater and then the other person has to lift me or else it isn’t safe.



All together it was a busy weekend, but really fun!

My Summer So Far

On July 21st, I went to the Kray Family farm with Roseclub. First when we got there we had lunch and me and Nancy walked around a bit and found a car covered in chalk paint that you could write on. So Nancy had the idea to write my blog name on it and take a picture.


We went walking around the place and we did some activities. I had never done these before  when I just go in the corn maze, so this was nice. First we went on a little train, Nancy and Karen, from team 2, were able to help me so that I was able to go on it, because my chair wouldn’t have fit.



Then I go to try something really neat, we went to try a pumpkin/corn cannon, it wasn’t really a cannon it was more of a gun, and I figured out I could do it on my own.

This was my favorite part. It started to rain that day, so we didn’t stay out all day, we stayed just long enough to see the pig race. I would go again, even though I had to take my other chair because it was bumpy, but I was still able to have lots of fun.


On July 22, a Sunday,  me and my mom decided to make cookies. We have made cookies before, when I lived at home, but this time I did more of the work myself! I have always been able to help, by putting the ingredients and then using the mixer, but this time I even scooped all the cookies onto the sheet pan.

Then this past Saturday, in the evening, my mom texted me that I  could go home, because my grandpa was in town. My grandpa lives in Ontario, but he drove down here. My brothers and their girlfriends were there too. We had a family supper and hung out on the patio. It has been a year since I have seen him, he usually comes every summer.