This Week

Friday the 10th Centra Cam had a pool day in Wetaskiwin. The Wetaskiwin pool has 2 separate area, the first one has a waterslide, and a lazy river. This pool was pretty warm. My aid Kennedy and I danced in the water  it was really fun.


The other pool is a lane swimming pool, for people to practice swimming. So we got there at 11 and swam for an hour and we had lunch outside and then we went back in to the pool for another 2 hours. I went in the hot tub twice, because it had a ramp. It was my first time going into a hot tub since I hit my head in Camrose. Even though the pool in Camrose is closing for awhile, we are looking forward to a new pool  because it will be more accessible. They are planning on adding a new waterslide and lazy river, and best of all an accessible hot tub. So I will get to go in the hot tub after Special Olympics Swimming. The downside is that the Camrose Pool will be closed for a whole year.


Friday evening we had birthday bash with Rose Club. It was held outside on our driveway. Derek had music playing and we danced. There was also cake to celebrate everyone’s birthday in August.

Saturday afternoon I did my nails, I painted them pink with sparkles. This weekend I am going to Studio nails here in Camrose to get gel nails. This will be the first time I have ever gotten gel nails. I found a picture on Pinterest that is butterflies and flowers so I am going to get those done! I will keep you all posted with pictures next week!


On Tuesday evening I went to see Mama Mia, it was really funny, I went with Theresa and Craig, we all loved it. Tuesdays in Camrose movies are half price!


I am excited for this next week because tonight is Marianne’s celebration, she got a gold medal in the women’s Special Olympics Nationals in Antigonish NS! Tomorrow is Tara’s open house, she moved out of our house and into another Teams, so we get to celebrate with her. I was really sad when she moved out, she had almost been there for a whole year. Then on Sunday I am going to the new Costco in Leduc with my mom. So it will be a very busy and very fun weekend.



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