Big Valley Jamboree

Big Valley Jamboree (BVJ) is every August Long Weekend, it is a country music festival held in my home town. It is held by the CRE and it brings a whole bunch of different country stars. Every evening we went to the Casino for supper, there were a group of people from the Camrose Association who went to supper together.  We had a weekend pass so we could go every night. They had us sitting on a deck which was nice for my chair. It was pretty easy to get to our seats with my chair, because of the ramp and the deck- there were no stairs. On Friday we got there at around 7 and were able to see Thomas Rhett and Paul Brandt. It was super busy!


Saturday, we saw Alabama and Dallas Smith, every day we got to the BVJ grounds around 730, before we went we just hung out at home. It was raining pretty much all day Saturday but lucky for us it only rained in between the shows that we saw, so we didn’t miss anyone! There was a pretty good looking guy working security that night, so that was fun.


Sunday, we saw Florida Georgia Line and Brett Eldredge, this was our favorite night! Florida Georgia Line was incredible and the fireworks were amazing. We had fireworks every night but on Sunday they set the stage on fire as a stunt. Darby and I danced a lot that night, down where they were playing.


Because of BVJ I didn’t go home on Sunday, so I was excited to go home on Monday. I got to go in my mom and dads pool and float around. My dad and mom had to lift me into the pool, it is a 2 person life, someone has to hold the floater and then the other person has to lift me or else it isn’t safe.



All together it was a busy weekend, but really fun!


One thought on “Big Valley Jamboree

  1. KathleenH says:

    Hey Kelsey, it’s Kathleen! I’ve been reading your blog and I just love all the different topics you talk about. It really makes me learn to appreciate life, reading about how strong you are.

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