My Summer So Far

On July 21st, I went to the Kray Family farm with Roseclub. First when we got there we had lunch and me and Nancy walked around a bit and found a car covered in chalk paint that you could write on. So Nancy had the idea to write my blog name on it and take a picture.


We went walking around the place and we did some activities. I had never done these before  when I just go in the corn maze, so this was nice. First we went on a little train, Nancy and Karen, from team 2, were able to help me so that I was able to go on it, because my chair wouldn’t have fit.



Then I go to try something really neat, we went to try a pumpkin/corn cannon, it wasn’t really a cannon it was more of a gun, and I figured out I could do it on my own.

This was my favorite part. It started to rain that day, so we didn’t stay out all day, we stayed just long enough to see the pig race. I would go again, even though I had to take my other chair because it was bumpy, but I was still able to have lots of fun.


On July 22, a Sunday,  me and my mom decided to make cookies. We have made cookies before, when I lived at home, but this time I did more of the work myself! I have always been able to help, by putting the ingredients and then using the mixer, but this time I even scooped all the cookies onto the sheet pan.

Then this past Saturday, in the evening, my mom texted me that I  could go home, because my grandpa was in town. My grandpa lives in Ontario, but he drove down here. My brothers and their girlfriends were there too. We had a family supper and hung out on the patio. It has been a year since I have seen him, he usually comes every summer.



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