Summer’s Over… Back To Routine Again!

Friday September 22nd was another Rose Club event. We decorated white T-Shirts with permanent marker and acetone. I could color the t-shirt very well with no help. It was really fun. I like how the shirt turned out. The smell from the acetone was strong though!

T-shirt craft

Saturday September 23rd we went to the Camrose Kodiak’s Game. I don’t really like hockey but when I have a chance to go out and do something with my friends I go! I shared poutine with my room mate Theresa! The Kodiak’s won 4-3.

Kodiaks Game

This week we started swimming and bowling again with Special O. Craig and I bowl on Wednesday Nights from 4:30-5:30 it is really fun for me!

On Monday’s I go swimming with Centra Cam from 3:00-4:00 and then I have Special O swimming from 4:00-5:00. I am REALLY Busy!

Amazing Disney Cruise & Sea World

Sunday I flew from Edmonton to Vancouver and stayed the night at the airport hotel.

Monday I got on the Disney Cruise and toured around the ship for the day!! We watched a ventriloquist show in the evening before supper!!

On Tuesday we did a couple of crafts in the day time!! We got to make homemade buttons and another craft a paper Minnie Mouse!! Then we went to the show the golden mickey’s!  Then we went out for supper!!!

On Wednesday we had breakfast in our room!!! We saw the characters and we went shopping, I got a sweater (jacket and pants that are black and has Disney cruise written on it!! ) I also got a Mickey Mouse picture fame! They had a Pirates of the Caribbean theme night at supper!! So, they gave us bandanas to wear, they had a band playing music and we danced!! After supper we watched the musical ” Frozen” and then they had fire works on one the decks.

Thursday we had breakfast out!! We went to see more characters and they had windows that you could sit on!! We went swimming again in the afternoon!! This was the last night on the ship and we went to “Disney Dreams” and had supper!!! Everyone was very happy to help so we went to each restaurant on the ship and to each waiter and gave them a tip!! We made a waiter cry!!!

We went to Sea World on Saturday!!! We went on rides (we went on the motion airplane and the gondola) we went to watch a killer whale show, saw turtles and we went in a tunnel that had the sharks In it!!! There was an ice wall but I’m not sure what that was about!! We also watched whales play and swim in a show!! We also saw flamingos and baby sharks, seals and otters, a walrus and dolphins!

The ups and downs about this cruise!!!

  1. It was hard to get in the elevator (a bit tricky with a walker and a wheelchair)
  2. There was stuff that you take for granted  – I can go into my house because we have a ramp (Rebecca had to do a lot of lifting on this trip), at home we have lifts to put me into bed, we had to use a suitcase to keep me in bed – at home I have bed rails ! It was a good thing I brought my unpowered chair because it was hard to get into the elevator because the door closed too fast it would have been impossible to get it in as quick as we needed to!!
  3. There were unknowns too!! People were very helpful and knew what they were talking about!!! They had a seat belt for me on the rides, they had lifts for the shuttles and seat belts for me to keep me safe!!

In the states they had a lot of wheelchair public washrooms everywhere!!  Also the public washrooms were bigger than in Canada!!   In Sea World they even had sinks outside. All the shows that we saw had wheelchair seats!!!

This was an amazing trip and I would go again in a heartbeat. I would like to thank CAFCL for making this happen. They planned an amazing trip that I will never forget. My staff Becca, Kathy & Diana were very fun! Theresa, Kat, Nicole, Cindy & Joanne were awesome to hang around with!

September Long Weekend

Last weekend was the Kodiak’s Street Hockey Tournament, my room mate Theresa and I went to watch and support our room mate Craig in the hockey tournament. He did very well.

Watching Ball Hockey

In the evening Theresa, Marisa and I played Sorry on the deck. We played 2 games and the first game Marisa won and the second game Theresa won! It was very fun and nice out.

Playing Sorry

On Sunday our friend Anna Marie turned 50! She loves cats, so the night before my Mom made cats on sticks and a sign that said “Check MEOWT I’m 50”! I supervised Mom and told her what looked good when she was decorating.

Decoration 50th

My Mom and I started to pack for my trip… I am going on a Disney Cruise. I leave on Sunday! Stay tuned for pictures from my trip!

On Monday we had Anna Marie come over for Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. It was good… it is always good!

Anne Maries birthday



Clothes Shopping & Haircut

On Saturday the 26th I went for a haircut. The stylist moves her chair out of the way so I can park close to the mirror. We take off my headrest and my bag that is on the back my chair, so she can get close to me.

After my haircut we went to Payless Shoes to buy some new shoes. I have to find shoes that fit over my leg braces. I have to take out the insole of the shoe because my braces are on my feet as well. I buy shoes with laces so that they can be tied tight to stay on.

We went shopping for clothes at Reitmans. They have mirrors around the store so I can try things on without going to the dressing room. It is too hard to try on pants at the store so I know my size and buy them. If they don’t fit we can take them back.

Check out my new shirts, shoes and fabulous haircut!

new hair and outfit