Clothes Shopping & Haircut

On Saturday the 26th I went for a haircut. The stylist moves her chair out of the way so I can park close to the mirror. We take off my headrest and my bag that is on the back my chair, so she can get close to me.

After my haircut we went to Payless Shoes to buy some new shoes. I have to find shoes that fit over my leg braces. I have to take out the insole of the shoe because my braces are on my feet as well. I buy shoes with laces so that they can be tied tight to stay on.

We went shopping for clothes at Reitmans. They have mirrors around the store so I can try things on without going to the dressing room. It is too hard to try on pants at the store so I know my size and buy them. If they don’t fit we can take them back.

Check out my new shirts, shoes and fabulous haircut!

new hair and outfit


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