September Long Weekend

Last weekend was the Kodiak’s Street Hockey Tournament, my room mate Theresa and I went to watch and support our room mate Craig in the hockey tournament. He did very well.

Watching Ball Hockey

In the evening Theresa, Marisa and I played Sorry on the deck. We played 2 games and the first game Marisa won and the second game Theresa won! It was very fun and nice out.

Playing Sorry

On Sunday our friend Anna Marie turned 50! She loves cats, so the night before my Mom made cats on sticks and a sign that said “Check MEOWT I’m 50”! I supervised Mom and told her what looked good when she was decorating.

Decoration 50th

My Mom and I started to pack for my trip… I am going on a Disney Cruise. I leave on Sunday! Stay tuned for pictures from my trip!

On Monday we had Anna Marie come over for Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. It was good… it is always good!

Anne Maries birthday




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