24 and Still Learning!

In the spring and summer Centra Cam goes on tours. This is the first tour of 2019. We went Camp LG Barnes. I got to go on the swing in my wheelchair (my non-power chair) it was very fun. I love it there. For lunch we go in a tree-house but we got stuck in the elevator for 15 minutes! After lunch we went on a boat ride. The boat had a ramp so I could go on the boat. We had to wear life jackets to keep us safe. It was really fun.

I turned 24 this year. I celebrated by birthday with my roommates and my staff on June 7 (my actual birthday). I bought chocolate cheesecake and got some amazing gifts. We watched the movie  Last Summer and played Apples to Apples and YAHTZEE! My Mom and I also had our nails done. It was a really special birthday.

Sunday I had a birthday party with my family. We played Sorry and Trouble with everyone. We had snacks salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips. Mom made my favorite Oreo cheesecake it was VERY good. My Mom gave me some lilacs from her tree they always bloom for my birthday.

I had a friend birthday party and they came over to my house  we had peanut butter pie and we went bowling, it was a great day.

I attended a two day Self Advocacy Conference at the Camrose Casino.

What is Self-Advocacy you might ask?!

Self-advocacy is the ability to speak-up for yourself and the things that are important to you. Self-advocacy means you are able to ask for what you need and want and tell people about your thoughts and feelings.

Self-advocacy means you know your rights and responsibilities, you speak-up for your rights, and you are able to make choices and decisions that affect your life.

The goal of self-advocacy is for YOU to decide what you want then develop and carry out a plan to help you get it.

It does not mean you can’t get help if you need or want it, it just means that you are making the choices and you have to be responsible for the choices you make.

I attended a Bullying Presentation and I learned the following:

  • 70.6% of students have been bullied in school
  • Treat people the way you want to be treated – with respect
  • How to be a “hero” – you be a good friend

We watched an improve group Bull Skit Comedy.

  • It showed being spontaneous, making it up – this is exactly how life is.
  • Say “yes” and to keep it going.
  • Listening is important and so is supporting (rely on others to create together)
  • Listen, eye contact and body language (connection)
  • Connect with others but also check in with yourself

Another Presentation: 4 Confidence Boosts

  • We made up goals – I said I want to be a Registered Nurse and travel the world by ship
  • Obstacles/hurdles/roadblocks – For me it is Fears & feeling uncomfortable
  • Confidence is what you think you can do (not what others believe)
  • Faith and hope (heart & think)
  • Inner power does not need permission from others
  • Get the training/knowledge
  • Don’t listen to the voice in your head that says negative things
  • Get outside your comfort zone/try new things
  • Treat your body well (quit smoking and exercise)
  • Training thoughts, courage, posture (body change)
  • Instead of confidence people feel fear when setting new goals
  • Fear used to keep ancestors alive but this isn’t applicable any longer
  • My comfort zone: my room, home, with my Mom & Dad, iPad, coloring & word finds
  • My Discomfort zone: spiders, snakes, loud noises/yelling, crying
  • You can grow your comfort zone by trying uncomfortable things – zone of potential. Do not wait for confidence. Courage – confidence – courage -confidence etc.
  • Steps to reaching your goals- break it down

4 Confidence Hacks

  • Know your competency – practice makes progress
    • Training = new skills
    • Practice is outside your comfort zone
  • Believe you can mindset
    • “I think I can” train
    • Train the voice in your head to be nice
    • Fixed mindset – won’t let you try new things
    • Learn to cheer yourself on ( Go girl! Try again!)
  • Act like you can (courage)
    • Example public speaking for Grade 5 & 6
  • Physically stand like you can (posture)
    • Shoulders back, chin up
    • Power Posing changes chemistry in body and makes you feel confident
    • Feel better after exercise (endorphins)

Know you can

Think you can

Stand like you can

Darby my staff took a few notes of our experience at the casino I would like to share:

  • Parking
    • There was lots of handicap spots but with the van need a space to put out the ramp. It is often difficult to find a spot but we were lucky and parked into a spot where we could put the ramp down onto the sidewalk
  • Bathroom
    • Lots of room to maneuver but the handicap stall could still be bigger
    • Managed to turn my chair around in the stall might have banged up Darby’s toes!
    • The sink was great height to wash my hands and I could fit my toes underneath
    • It was difficult to reach the soap so I needed help from staff but the paper towel was accessible on the counter
  • Doors
    • Big and lots of room to go through but there are no buttons to open them!

They have a dance on the Friday night when it is all done. This is the last Self Advocacy Conference I will miss it very much.


Amazing Experiences!

I went to Wetaskiwin to see my very special friend Miss C and her Mom. We finally exchanged Christmas gifts and had a very nice visit. I got her flowers and a bath towel set in her favourite color of BLUE! It was very nice to see her. I hadn’t seen her since last summer. We need to see each other more.


Last week I got to stay in a hotel in Sherwood Park with my Mom and go to the Carrie Underwood concert. Runaway June, Maddie & Tae were the opening acts. They were ALL amazing. My favourite part was Carrie’s last song, I was waiting all night for it… I feel Pretty from her new album! She sang lots of songs, some of them I forgot she even sang!

It was a little work to get to our seats. We had to take 4 elevators and go through security. Sometimes it is hard to get tickets because I need a wheelchair spot and there aren’t that many. So I was very thankful that I got to go.


The next day after the concert we spent the day in Edmonton. In the morning we went to Greenland Greenhouse and I bought my Dad his Father’s Day Gift…SHHH!

We went to Sherwood Park and met my Godmother Kim for lunch. My birthday is coming this Friday so I got to pick out some of my own gifts! It will be very hard to be surprised on my birthday!


The first weekend in June is Jaywalker’s Jamboree! I LOVE going to Jaywalker’s. I went on Saturday with my roommates and my staff. We walked around and did rides. Darby (my staff) was really nice and went on rides with me. I got to go on almost every ride I wanted to. Darby would carry me up the stairs and then I would be secured in the seat with the seat belt so I was safe. It means a lot that she would do that for me. Thank you DARBY and MELISSA for helping me experience Jaywalker’s!