Amazing Experiences!

I went to Wetaskiwin to see my very special friend Miss C and her Mom. We finally exchanged Christmas gifts and had a very nice visit. I got her flowers and a bath towel set in her favourite color of BLUE! It was very nice to see her. I hadn’t seen her since last summer. We need to see each other more.


Last week I got to stay in a hotel in Sherwood Park with my Mom and go to the Carrie Underwood concert. Runaway June, Maddie & Tae were the opening acts. They were ALL amazing. My favourite part was Carrie’s last song, I was waiting all night for it… I feel Pretty from her new album! She sang lots of songs, some of them I forgot she even sang!

It was a little work to get to our seats. We had to take 4 elevators and go through security. Sometimes it is hard to get tickets because I need a wheelchair spot and there aren’t that many. So I was very thankful that I got to go.


The next day after the concert we spent the day in Edmonton. In the morning we went to Greenland Greenhouse and I bought my Dad his Father’s Day Gift…SHHH!

We went to Sherwood Park and met my Godmother Kim for lunch. My birthday is coming this Friday so I got to pick out some of my own gifts! It will be very hard to be surprised on my birthday!


The first weekend in June is Jaywalker’s Jamboree! I LOVE going to Jaywalker’s. I went on Saturday with my roommates and my staff. We walked around and did rides. Darby (my staff) was really nice and went on rides with me. I got to go on almost every ride I wanted to. Darby would carry me up the stairs and then I would be secured in the seat with the seat belt so I was safe. It means a lot that she would do that for me. Thank you DARBY and MELISSA for helping me experience Jaywalker’s!



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