The Month of May

Thursday May 9th

We started Bocce Ball with Special Olympics. We got Special O t-shirts to wear to show off Bocce Ball. It was too cold to wear it…next time!


Rose Club had an event at the Clubhouse Virtual Golf. I went to participate and when I got there I couldn’t get in. It wasn’t wheelchair accessible. It got me so frustrated because I had signed up for a fun event and wasn’t able to participate. So my staff Kathleen decided to go for a walk around Mirror Lake and do a photo shoot! While we were on my walk I saw my Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Johnson! I haven’t seen in in forever! That was a nice surprise. The night turned out to be fun after all.

On Saturday we went to Jubilee Park for a wiener roast and I used the workout equipment, it was a lot of fun! I also got to have cheesecake! My staff Marianne took me on the circle swing, I enjoyed that a lot.

Mother’s Day we went to the Lois Hole Greenhouse in St. Albert with Joel & Ashley. After we went to their new house. I had to take my other wheelchair to Edmonton because I wouldn’t have been able to get into their new house. I gave Mom some homemade gifts that I made at Centra Cam for Mother’s Day and I had special photo cube made for her that she really liked.

That night I had to go to the Emergency department again because I had really bad cramps. I have been referred to a Specialist in Leduc…hopefully we get some answers. I am sick of feeling like this.

Tuesday May 13th

Rose Club had a games night. Some people were outside playing basketball and inside there were board games and Wii. I played UNO.


Saturday Ashley and I went and got our nails done.


Sunday May 19th I went to my parents and use watercolors to color butterflies. It looks like stained glass when you are all done.


Monday May 20th of the long weekend I colored my hair black with Darby’s help (What do you think?!)

Monday afternoon we celebrated my roommate Craig’s birthday! I bought him a gift card for Subway & Booster Juice. For his party we BBQ’d  hot dogs, and had chips & black forest cake. Kyle, Joel & Craig went outside and played soccer. It was a really good birthday.




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