School Presentations Done for 2019!

On Wednesday the 24th my Auntie Donna came to visit from Unity Saskatchewan! She is my mom’s sister!!! It’s a hard thing to see the family because they are so far away from Camrose. But also their houses aren’t wheelchair friendly or able to get into because they have steps , so if we want to see them they have to come to see us.

It is always special to see loved ones… this isn’t a recent picture but I thought I would share it anyways.


Thursday evenings we have Girl Power. We are learning how to figure out our emotions, our rights and what is important to us. It is a really good group of girls and I feel it is helping me a lot in my life.

51ERuPc4tUL (1)

On Friday night I watched Sex in the City the second movie on Netflix and it was really good. I think this weekend I will watch the first one!


Saturday afternoon everyone from my house and my friend Nicole went to the Avengers movie. It was an amazing movie to see and the theatre was so busy. Good thing we went early we might not have been able to get in.


Saturday night I painted my nails purple with sparkles.

Sunday I went to Costco and the new outlet mall in Leduc. It was really fun. I didn’t buy anything but my brother got some stuff.

Every month at Centra Cam we have a workbook that teaches us different topics. This month we learned how to vote. It was very interesting to learn new things about Centra Cam and how to vote in our community. Maybe next time I will vote!

Monday I went back to the library to do my job. I haven’t been there in awhile because of all my school presentations. It was really good to be back.

Tuesday was our last school presentation for the year! We went to Killam School for the the first time and we rocked it! The roads were scary when we left Camrose but they cleared up right away. Thank you Cherilyn and Paulette for helping me do 16 school presentations this year! It was amazing. I can’t wait til next year.



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