From Football to the Zoo it was a busy few weeks!

My parents and I watched the “Wish Man” which is the movie about the creator of Make-A-Wish-Foundation. It was a really good movie. I was granted my wish and my family and I got to go to Disneyland in California in May 2012! We also went to Hollywood and Knotts Berry Farm for the whole week! Everything was paid for by the Make-A-Wish-Foundation. It is amazing what they can do. I got to tell them my 3 wishes…. My first choice was Disneyland and my other choices were to meet Justin Beiber & a hot tub for our back yard. I got my first wish! You should watch this show to see what it is all about. Thank you to Make-A-Wish-Foundation.


On Saturday evening Rose Club went to a football game. Calgary won against Edmonton!! Darby and I got wheelchair access and she was was able to sit with me!! We had some friends who were excited and gave me hand clappers! We even got a chocolate ice cream on a stick that Darby got cut up and mashed so I could eat it easily!!  The wheelchair washroom was accessible for my chair!!  But there were no buttons to open the door so  everyone was willing to help us. We drove up with my friend Mary Ann and her staff. It was an amazing experience and I would love to go again in a heartbeat with Rose Club!!! I also bought myself a hoodie.

eskimos 2eskimos 4eskimoseskimos3

I made zucchini chocolate chip cake on Sunday afternoon with my mom and we had vanilla ice cream with it! I didn’t get a picture of it though!! It was really chocolate goodness and would make it again!

This past Thursday  we took the house roommates and Melissa and we picked up Tracy at New Norway car wash! We went on a road trip! We went to our roommates Craig hometown of Clive and he showed us everything. Where he went to school , where he went to play basketball and even where he went to get his hair cuts! I really loved learning how about Craig’s hometown because I haven’t seen Clive before in my life!

zoo 1

Then we went to the Calgary Zoo! I saw lot of amazing animals and I even got to see my favourite butterfly exhibit.It was very hot in there. I think it was my first time hearing a lion roar so it scared me a little bit! We went to see the lemurs and they were walking around the place. I got a new blanket from the gift shop! It was a fun day!

On Saturday afternoon last weekend I went to see my grade one teacher Miss C and her mom! We went to Tim Horton’s and hung out! She gave me beautiful earrings. I enjoyed  spending time with her. She showed me some cat pictures and I liked that. I don’t see her near enough.

We went to Bev’s 80th Birthday party at the CAFCL office and it really nice to see everyone! I loved seeing old pictures that someone made for a side show!! Brian Dumont sang and he is amazing. I even saw my old kindergarten teacher Mrs. Johnson so that was a surprise! This is my roommate Theresa and I at the party.

Kelsey and Theresa bevs birthday

Wheelchair Etiquette… a little something everyone should know!

WE 1

It is really hard for me to get through a room when a chair is in my way!

WE 2

I prefer when someone sits down to talk with me when there is a chair available. I understand this isn’t always possible.

WE 3

This is a hard one for people, they don’t think of the chair as part of my body. It’s even harder when I am in my manual chair because people just push me without asking and I don’t always know what is going on.

WE 4

Just because I am in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I can’t help!

WE 5

This is awkward for me!

WE 6

I wish people could ignore the chair and make me feel like everyone else.

WE 7

Don’t be nervous if you see someone in a wheelchair. I enjoy when people say hello to me!

WE 8

I don’t need special treatment I just need to be treated like everyone else.

WE 9

When you are speaking to me take the time to try and find out what I am saying. Don’t assume I can’t talk at all or need someone to talk for me. This is VERY frustrating for me! I kind of get REALLY mad and upset!

WE 10

I can’t do everything myself but don’t assume I need help with everything. I am pretty independent!

WE 11

Make sure you ask me if I need help and I will tell you.

WE 12

My wheelchair is an extension of me and I wouldn’t lean on your back! It just makes it awkward!

WE 13

This is kind of weird and awkward for me when someone is SOOOOO close to me!

WE 14

This makes me feel like I am a jungle gym or a playground…NOT Cool!

WE 16

WE 15

This is very frustrating for everyone, if you notice a van in a handicap parking spot they probably need to open the side door to get out… Not everyone realizes this and it would be helpful if more people did! Be aware of where you are parking!

WE 17

I hope you learned something from this information. I mostly live a normal life but people learning these things could make everyday a little bit better!

Please share this Blog with everyone you know! We could reach so many people and maybe make a difference for some wheelchair users out there!

Summer comes to an end….

Every summer Kennedy and I go out for some ice cream at DQ, which is wheelchair accessible.  I got some Caramel ice cream and she got smarties ice cream! It was it her last week at Centra Cam before she went back to school.


Someone parked beside us so Kennedy had to back up the van so we could get the ramp out! People don’t realize that people in wheelchairs need the space beside them to get their ramp out in a handicap parking stall. It is very frustrating!

My roommates and I went out to Mr. Mikes for a nice day out. It was raining out and we thought we would try something new. It was a lot of fun.

We watched mean girls on Netflix in the evening. It was a really good movie, I loved it.
We spoke  to my doctor and he took me off all of my medications!! This is very good news!
I’m still waiting for my power chair to be fixed it shouldn’t be too much longer!
Sunday I had game day with my mom. We had Ice Caps, I tried the new pumpkin spice it was very good and Tim Bits.
Sunday afternoon we put away my summer clothes and put my fall and winter clothes out!
Monday Carley, Alex and the kids came over for a cuddle with the new baby!
I went shopping with my mom for new pants from Superstore and Walmart. Mom picked up zucchini  from our friend Rebecca to make cake for this Sunday.
I got a lunch kit from winners.
Mary Ann did my nails. I love getting my nails done.