Summer comes to an end….

Every summer Kennedy and I go out for some ice cream at DQ, which is wheelchair accessible.  I got some Caramel ice cream and she got smarties ice cream! It was it her last week at Centra Cam before she went back to school.


Someone parked beside us so Kennedy had to back up the van so we could get the ramp out! People don’t realize that people in wheelchairs need the space beside them to get their ramp out in a handicap parking stall. It is very frustrating!

My roommates and I went out to Mr. Mikes for a nice day out. It was raining out and we thought we would try something new. It was a lot of fun.

We watched mean girls on Netflix in the evening. It was a really good movie, I loved it.
We spoke  to my doctor and he took me off all of my medications!! This is very good news!
I’m still waiting for my power chair to be fixed it shouldn’t be too much longer!
Sunday I had game day with my mom. We had Ice Caps, I tried the new pumpkin spice it was very good and Tim Bits.
Sunday afternoon we put away my summer clothes and put my fall and winter clothes out!
Monday Carley, Alex and the kids came over for a cuddle with the new baby!
I went shopping with my mom for new pants from Superstore and Walmart. Mom picked up zucchini  from our friend Rebecca to make cake for this Sunday.
I got a lunch kit from winners.
Mary Ann did my nails. I love getting my nails done.

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