Bocce Ball Thursday’s!

Every week on Thursday I go to the field behind CAFCL and I play Bocce Ball. My aide Johdi holds my ball and my hand so I can throw it. You have a little white ball on the field and you try to throw your ball closest to the white ball. They have set up individual lanes and you move to the next lane when you have completed one.

Here is me playing yesterday!
Bocce Ball

Where Have I Been?

When I Travel I sit in an airplane seat just like everyone else. I like to sit in the window seat so I can look down when we land.

I can’t bring my power chair on the plane so I have to bring a normal wheelchair. It goes where the normal luggage goes on a plane.

Without my power chair this means I don’t have control… I have to wait for my parents to push me everywhere!

When we went to Sedona, Arizona & Branson, Missouri we went on hikes but it was very hard for my Dad to push me.

It is very hard to go on sand with a wheelchair, but in Florida they had a sand wheelchair that we used and it sure helped my parents!

I can go on rides in Disney World but my Dad had to take me out of my wheelchair to go on the rides.

But in Disneyland they had a wheelchair accessible ride so it made it easier for my Dad!

Here are some pictures from my trips…

California – Disneyland


Florida – Disney World


Sedona, Arizona


Branson Missouri – This is a guy! Not a statue!

Branson Photo

California – LegoLand

Lego Land

San Diego – Wild Animal Park

San Diego Wild Animal Park

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

California – SEALIFE Aquarium

Sealife Aquarium

This Weekend….

Friday night just hanging out at home

Saturday I am going to South Edmonton Common shopping at Ikea &  Bath & Body Works

I am going to watch Boss Baby in 3D at Cineplex Odeon in South Common

Boss Baby

We are going for supper after.

Sunday I am going to My Mom & Dad’s like I do every Sunday!