Where Have I Been?

When I Travel I sit in an airplane seat just like everyone else. I like to sit in the window seat so I can look down when we land.

I can’t bring my power chair on the plane so I have to bring a normal wheelchair. It goes where the normal luggage goes on a plane.

Without my power chair this means I don’t have control… I have to wait for my parents to push me everywhere!

When we went to Sedona, Arizona & Branson, Missouri we went on hikes but it was very hard for my Dad to push me.

It is very hard to go on sand with a wheelchair, but in Florida they had a sand wheelchair that we used and it sure helped my parents!

I can go on rides in Disney World but my Dad had to take me out of my wheelchair to go on the rides.

But in Disneyland they had a wheelchair accessible ride so it made it easier for my Dad!

Here are some pictures from my trips…

California – Disneyland


Florida – Disney World


Sedona, Arizona


Branson Missouri – This is a guy! Not a statue!

Branson Photo

California – LegoLand

Lego Land

San Diego – Wild Animal Park

San Diego Wild Animal Park

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

California – SEALIFE Aquarium

Sealife Aquarium


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