May/ June ” It’s summer time ” and It’s time to party!

This May started with Mother’s Day in Edmonton at my oldest brother Joel and his fiancé Ashley’s house. My brother made BQQ ribs for dinner. We got mom some gifts for Mother’s Day, my brother Joel and his fiancé Ashley got her a cookbook, I got her water bottle with flowers and a picture of us that Misty made for her.

I finally celebrated Easter with my family on the May long weekend. My mom had turkey dinner with sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, & cranberries, stuffing with gravy. We coloured eggs outside, and we got chocolate squirrels! It was great late Easter!

My best friend forever, Teresa needed surgery on her elbow in May so, my mom ordered her flowers! Crossing our fingers that we can get together this summer!

On the 1st weekend in June was Jaywalkers. On Saturday afternoon Maryann and I played Freddy’s frog pond and a ball racing game. I got prizes. I got three stuffed animals, two fish and unicorn.

On Sunday afternoon, my parents took me back to Jaywalkers. I got a rainbow face painting and we went on the Ferris wheel! My mom changed my feeding tube!

Saturday night my family and I celebrated my birthday early . We had a yummy dinner “chicken , peanut sauce , coconut rice with green onions” . It’s Teresa’s chicken and everyone loves it. For dessert Salted Carmel Box Cheesecake. I got a beautiful flower & butterfly wallet from my parents and an beautiful butterfly mug. I also got Costco grey pants and a winner’s gift card from Luke. Ashley and Joel gave me gift certificate for nails. We went to neon bowling after dinner. It was a wonderful evening with the whole family.

For my 27 birthday I went to Centra Cam and I made iron beads into a butterfly shape magnet. We played a game that you get pairs and we learned about money in the grocery store it calls bananas to bananas. We played Yahtzee which I got a Yahtzee. When I got home I was welcomed home, with balloons everywhere. I got some bath bombs, new bedding set and jewelry with purple hair dye for my hair. I got some canvas to paint. I went back home and my mom had friends over for brownie cake with cream cheese icing. I got flowers, t- shirt and a kitten puzzle . My grandma sent me colouring books and markers. It was a awesome day to celebrate with friends!

I made some paintings for Mary’s son and Mary’s daughter. Joshua Junior was born on My birthday which is June seventh! Which made my day even more extra special. I wanted to make something for his big sister Alayna. I made a rainbow with a blue background and some clouds for Baby Junior! I made green glass with a soccer ball with a soccer net in the background for big sister Alayna!

On Saturday morning I dyed my hair purple! In the afternoon I got to go to winners and I got to use my gift card from Luke. I got a butterfly mug, bubble bath and bath bombs which is watermelon flavoured and strawberry flavoured . I’m looking forward to using them. Thanks for the Winner’s gift card Luke!

On Sunday afternoon my Auntie Gail came over from Lloydminster! We made homemade bath bombs. She gave me a few canvases for painting and a wooden box to paint, colouring books and word search books. I finally finished my cross stitch butterfly for Teresa’s birthday on Monday evening! On Wednesday afternoon was my last school presentation of the year.

On Wednesday evening I got to meet Kelsey’s newest baby girl Averie Jade! On Saturday afternoon I decided to paint my butterfly wooden box from my Auntie Gail. I made it rainbow colours!

On Sunday afternoon, My mom and I went shopping for Mary’s newest baby boy Joshua Junior, I got to meet him and hold him! Congratulations on your baby boy Mary and Joshua! My mom made him moccasins and we got him clothes & a children’s book! I also painted a picture of an rainbow clouds and his name!

This was Father’s Day, our plan was changed due to my Dad was called into work. After my dad worked he picked up some pizza and we gave him some presents. Joel gave him tools, Luke gave him some Bose, and I got a t- shirt deigned with musical guitar, drums and other musical instruments which Misty made. Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Dad! I love you very much!

Since the beginning of June I have been going back to Centra Cam for four mornings a week and then I shred paper at the fire hall on Friday mornings.

On Monday afternoon I finished my butterfly box and I started a sunset painting for my senior Sharon! Tuesday afternoon I did some more pink and purple paint into the sunset picture for my senior Sharon.

On Wednesday afternoon we drew the palm trees on the sunset painting and I painted over top with green and brown paint! I organized my paints in my butterfly box! On Thursday afternoon we drew the outline of the trees and paint the leaves more green. We put a quote “A sunset tells us what we are and where we should be”.

On Friday afternoon I got a cleaning at the dentist and we finished American Idol in the evening.

Saturday morning I dressed up as I was supposed to be watching a friend of mine, Alesha get married to Neil but unfortunately the app wasn’t working properly. So that was disappointing for me. Saturday afternoon I did my fingernails, Janelle, me and our staff went out for a walk and took some pictures.

We watched some of Cinderella’s story while having supper and then went to an outside party at my parents house. My dad’s band was playing in the backyard, * the baking soda *. Auntie Karen and Dave were there! I got to met Joshua’s fiancé, Donnell. It’s seems like everyone is in engaged in Joel’s friends group!

Sunday morning my parents put up our swimming pool in the backyard! My Dad and I played ladder ball on Sunday afternoon. My Mom and I watched my friend Alesha and Neil’s wedding video! It was an beautiful day to get married!

It’s been busy. I hope it slows down a bit!

My friend Kelsey and her journey with A1AD

My friend Kelsey has A1AD and I was curious about her journey. She works with me at my house! I did know that A1AD was a thing that you could get in your lungs and could be carried down genetically in your family! I hope people will learn about Kelsey and her journey with her A1AD and her asthma!

Kelsey W: What is Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and what does it do?

Kelsey G: Alpha 1 is due to a mutation in the SERPINA1 gene.  It is a lung and liver disease. It can effect either organs or both. My family is lung affected. If caught in time it can be managed with lifestyle, steroids and intravenous infusions. For more severe cases it can result in double lung transplants. Which both my dad and his sister have had.

Kelsey W What’s were your symptoms of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency?

Kelsey G: My symptoms were Shortness of breath, wheezing chronic lung infection and knife stabbing pain in my ribs and back.

Kelsey W: Does this run in your family and who also has it?

Kelsey G: It started with my dad, then my brother and I were tested. We both carry the A1AD Gene. Both of my dad’s parents carry the gene. His brothers and sisters both carry it as well. When my dad was diagnosed, he was only the tenth person in Canada to be known to have it. So it was hard to find a doctor that specialized in it. But he found Dr. Lein at the U of A. Out of my brother and I, so far, only I have shown symptoms. But the more they learn about the disease the more they are finding that it can show up in your life at anytime. You can be healthy for 50 years and then it can activate and come out of nowhere.

Kelsey W: What is your advice for other people who have it?

Kelsey G: Stay active, don’t smoke and keep alcohol to a minimum. And if you feel like you even slightly are having a hard time breathing see a doctor! Early intervention can make all the difference.

Kelsey W: Do any of your kids have it?

Kelsey G: Because their dad does not carry the gene, they only have a 25% chance of it being passed down to them. We haven’t had them tested yet!

Kelsey W: How did you find out that you had asthma and A1AD?

Kelsey G: I found out that I had asthma when I was two. I was wheezing a lot so my mom took me to my pediatrician and they diagnosed me. Then at twelve, my dad got sick. After extensive testing he was diagnosed with A1AD. Because it’s genetic they tested my brother and I right away. We both carry the gene.

Kelsey W: Where did you grow up?

Kelsey G: Tumbler Ridge. A tiny town in northern BC. Weird thing is, out of a town of less then 2000 people and the disease still being relatively new, there have been 8 people diagnosed in Tumbler. 6 people belonging to my family.

Kelsey W: What’s your favourite memory of your mom?

Kelsey G: When we surprised her with her puppy Wiley.

Kelsey W: What’s your favourite memory of your dad?

Kelsey G: Since he has passed I can’t pick a favourite. All of them are so special to me.

Kelsey W: What did you do after school?

Kelsey G: I went back to school for business and accounting

Kelsey W: Were you popular in school?

Kelsey G: Tumbler was so tiny there wasn’t things like clicks or different groups of kids. Most of the kids were friends with everyone.

Kelsey W: What did you do for fun when you were a kid?

Kelsey G: Swimming or biking. We pretty much grew up at the arena. I figure skated and my brother played hockey.

Kelsey W: What are your hobbies?

Kelsey G: Being a mom, making spreadsheets for fun, traveling with my family and camping.

Kelsey W: Where have you travelled?

Kelsey G: Germany, France, Italy, Las Vegas, New Orleans and San Francisco.

Kelsey W: How many jobs did you have before this job?

Kelsey G: Panago pizza , foxsal communications then, I worked at a Bar, then moved here I worked at family services for children with disabilities. Then I came to team 12.

Kelsey W: When did you start your family?

Kelsey G: When I was 16, I started to take care of a little girl who became my own child. Then I met Joshua when I was 25, and we had our first baby in 2019.  I just has a baby girl in May 2022 her name is Averie.

Here is some information I found on the internet…

What Is AAT Deficiency?

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is a genetic disease, which means it’s passed down to you from your parents. It can cause serious lung or liver disease. You may also hear it called AAT deficiency. Symptoms often include trouble breathing and jaundiced, or yellow, skin. There’s no cure, but treatments can help you manage your liver and breathing problems. You get the disease because your liver doesn’t make enough of a protein called alpha-1 antitrypsin, or AAT. You need AAT to protect your lungs. Without it, infections and other irritants, like tobacco smoke, break down parts of your lung even faster. If you have AAT deficiency, you might not have breathing symptoms until you’re in your 20s or 30s. When they start, you could feel short of breath or wheeze when you breathe, just like someone who has asthma. For some people, AAT deficiency can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD). When you have COPD, you often have symptoms of emphysema, a serious condition that makes it hard for you to push air out of your lungs. COPD can make you cough up mucus, make you wheeze or have trouble breathing, and make your chest feel tight.