Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Saturday during the day we went shopping for Christmas gifts for the Rose Club Christmas Party. I paid all by myself with no help at all. I was so excited I couldn’t get my wallet back in my purse!

Saturday Night we had Rose Club Craft Night we made Snow Globes out of little jars. We had to use hot glue guns. I told my staff Melissa where I wanted to put the ornaments and she glued them for me. Craft night snow globe.png

After we talked about our Muppets Christmas Carol  that we are doing for the Rose Club Christmas Party. I am playing Tiny Tim. Stay tuned for pictures next week!

On Sunday Mom and I went to a craft sale at the Norsemen.  We had trouble finding a spot to park because someone was parked in the middle of the three handicapped parking spots, making the other ones too narrow for the ramp to come down.  We ended up parking on the end of a row, but when we came out someone was parked right beside us so Mom had to pull ahead to load me while I waited.  It was pretty warm on Sunday so the snow really stuck to my tires – they looked like snow balls.

My brother Joel was home so the three of us made two batches of mint French macaroons.  Joel tells us girls go crazy for these things!  They are pretty tasty!
Mom, Dad, Joel and I played qwirkle cubes after supper.  Joel won.  Qwirkle is an easy game for me to play I can play all by myself. It is like Domino’s but with shapes and colors.
Monday evening I got a new app on my iPad called Sandbox coloring app. Everyone at my house has it so I had to have it! It is really fun. You color pictures with your finger and it is color by number. I am coloring a Butterfly in this picture.
coloring app
On Wednesday Night we went bowling. I got a spare and I bowled 105 both games!


bowling 2

bowling 1

Thursday I did some exercises. I started lifting weights and doing resistance bands, to workout my arms.

Exercising 2

Exercising 1


Thursday evening we wrapped our gifts for the Rose Club Christmas Party. I held the paper and taped it with some help from Marisa. We printed a card off the computer that we made and then I colored and folded it. I am looking forward to the party!

A New Look….

Saturday morning I got up hung out. My staff Marissa came in at 11:00. Miss C gave me blue hair dye last weekend. I stayed in my jammies and sat in the shower chair to dye my hair. Marissa put lots of towels around me so I wouldn’t get dye on my clothes! We had 2 colors of blue a dark blue and greeny blue. So we put the dye on and I had to wait for an hour! While I waited I went on Facebook and posted that I was dying my hair today. I had lunch while I waited. Finally I had a shower and washed the dye out. I really like it… What do you think?!



Saturday afternoon we went to Walmart and did some errands. We had some ice cream at McDonalds in Walmart.

Monday evening Nancy my staff got a surprise for me. It was a white box that hooks up to the TV and we can watch music videos, this is very nice. I can use my iPad to watch YouTube on the TV and I control it with an app on my iPad.We used to watch CMT but they never have music videos anymore and there are no commercials!


I went bowling with Special O on Wednesday.

Yesterday I finished the typing for my Vision Impairment Project I am working on.


My week…

Saturday morning I decorated a cake for the Rose Club Birthday Bash. We made a chocolate cake and decorated with fresh strawberries. I even had a piece at the Birthday Bash!

On Saturday the 4th my Grade 1 Teacher Miss Cherniak (Miss C) and her Mom came from Wetaskiwin to spend the day with me and my Mom. We gave her a tour of my house and she met some of my roommates. I taught her how to play Yahtzee and she won! We decided to go to Starbuck’s and ended up talking for an hour and a half! I haven’t seen her in 3 years so we had a lot of catching to do. It was so nice to finally see her again. She came with gifts and gave me blue hair dye, earrings, necklace & rings! Since Grade 1 we talk almost everyday. She is very special to me.

Coffee with Miss C

On Monday I priced tea cups at my job at Centra Cam Outlet Store. I really like my new job. It is very fun and easy to do. Centra Cam does a Christmas Tree for the Festival of Trees. All of the ornaments are homemade by the Centra Cam Clients. It is very fun to be part of.

Tuesday morning I worked on my Visual Impairment Project. I research a different topic every month.  We look up questions and make notes from the intranet.The topic is usually disability related. I put together a bulletin board with information regarding the topic. I wanted to do this to help people not be afraid of their differences so everyone can be more included! I also wanted to understand different disabilities. I was scared to ask questions and didn’t want to hurt peoples feelings.

Visual Impairment project

We have a tree in the hallway at Centra Cam. Everyone brought a baby picture and we stuck them on the tree. We have to figure out who’s baby picture is who. It’s fun.

Kelsey Tree Centra Cam

Wednesday’s I do Movement Class I have been doing it for 3 years. I can now cross my leg overtop my other leg!

Kelsey Exercising in movement class



Lot’s Going On!

Rose Club carved Pumpkins on Friday, October 20th. I really liked digging out the inside of the pumpkin. Becca and I did hand over hand cutting of the face. I made 2 faces on my pumpkin and a design.

On Saturday the 21st my staff, roommates and I went out to pick out Halloween Costumes and decorations. We also went for walk around Mirror Lake. I had a gift card for A&W since last year so I had a chocolate milkshake it was really good!

Every October Camrose Association For Community Living (CAFCL) has a Charity Auction. This year it was on Thursday, October 26th. I donated a scarf I made. I was featured as a Client Showcase Person.  Which made my scarf a Live Auction item. Esther the CEO of CAFCL had me on stage and asked me questions so the crowd got to know me. Then they auctioned off my scarf. The Mayor Norm Mayer bought my scarf for $1500 and then he gave it back to me!! I was honoured to be included. My Mom was there as well. The Charity Auction was really fun! I bought a mirror and sign for my house. I can’t wait for next year!

Saturday October 28th Rose Club had a Halloween and Birthday Bash. I made cheesecake brownies with orange and black icing. I dressed as Alice In Wonderland for the party. My Mom made a hole in my costume so I could still eat!


This week at my job I learned how to stamp prices. I really like what I am doing.

On Thursday November 2nd Cherilyn and I did a presentation at Our Lady of Mount Pleasant (OLMP) School to 450 students and the staff! It was amazing. You can really tell when kids are listening because they ask questions! We talked about Cerebral Palsy (CP)and how it affects everyone differently. My roommate is a student at OLMP and she has CP so I talked about her and myself. I felt really good after the presentation that I made a difference.