Lot’s Going On!

Rose Club carved Pumpkins on Friday, October 20th. I really liked digging out the inside of the pumpkin. Becca and I did hand over hand cutting of the face. I made 2 faces on my pumpkin and a design.

On Saturday the 21st my staff, roommates and I went out to pick out Halloween Costumes and decorations. We also went for walk around Mirror Lake. I had a gift card for A&W since last year so I had a chocolate milkshake it was really good!

Every October Camrose Association For Community Living (CAFCL) has a Charity Auction. This year it was on Thursday, October 26th. I donated a scarf I made. I was featured as a Client Showcase Person.  Which made my scarf a Live Auction item. Esther the CEO of CAFCL had me on stage and asked me questions so the crowd got to know me. Then they auctioned off my scarf. The Mayor Norm Mayer bought my scarf for $1500 and then he gave it back to me!! I was honoured to be included. My Mom was there as well. The Charity Auction was really fun! I bought a mirror and sign for my house. I can’t wait for next year!

Saturday October 28th Rose Club had a Halloween and Birthday Bash. I made cheesecake brownies with orange and black icing. I dressed as Alice In Wonderland for the party. My Mom made a hole in my costume so I could still eat!


This week at my job I learned how to stamp prices. I really like what I am doing.

On Thursday November 2nd Cherilyn and I did a presentation at Our Lady of Mount Pleasant (OLMP) School to 450 students and the staff! It was amazing. You can really tell when kids are listening because they ask questions! We talked about Cerebral Palsy (CP)and how it affects everyone differently. My roommate is a student at OLMP and she has CP so I talked about her and myself. I felt really good after the presentation that I made a difference.





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