My week…

Saturday morning I decorated a cake for the Rose Club Birthday Bash. We made a chocolate cake and decorated with fresh strawberries. I even had a piece at the Birthday Bash!

On Saturday the 4th my Grade 1 Teacher Miss Cherniak (Miss C) and her Mom came from Wetaskiwin to spend the day with me and my Mom. We gave her a tour of my house and she met some of my roommates. I taught her how to play Yahtzee and she won! We decided to go to Starbuck’s and ended up talking for an hour and a half! I haven’t seen her in 3 years so we had a lot of catching to do. It was so nice to finally see her again. She came with gifts and gave me blue hair dye, earrings, necklace & rings! Since Grade 1 we talk almost everyday. She is very special to me.

Coffee with Miss C

On Monday I priced tea cups at my job at Centra Cam Outlet Store. I really like my new job. It is very fun and easy to do. Centra Cam does a Christmas Tree for the Festival of Trees. All of the ornaments are homemade by the Centra Cam Clients. It is very fun to be part of.

Tuesday morning I worked on my Visual Impairment Project. I research a different topic every month.  We look up questions and make notes from the intranet.The topic is usually disability related. I put together a bulletin board with information regarding the topic. I wanted to do this to help people not be afraid of their differences so everyone can be more included! I also wanted to understand different disabilities. I was scared to ask questions and didn’t want to hurt peoples feelings.

Visual Impairment project

We have a tree in the hallway at Centra Cam. Everyone brought a baby picture and we stuck them on the tree. We have to figure out who’s baby picture is who. It’s fun.

Kelsey Tree Centra Cam

Wednesday’s I do Movement Class I have been doing it for 3 years. I can now cross my leg overtop my other leg!

Kelsey Exercising in movement class




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