A New Look….

Saturday morning I got up hung out. My staff Marissa came in at 11:00. Miss C gave me blue hair dye last weekend. I stayed in my jammies and sat in the shower chair to dye my hair. Marissa put lots of towels around me so I wouldn’t get dye on my clothes! We had 2 colors of blue a dark blue and greeny blue. So we put the dye on and I had to wait for an hour! While I waited I went on Facebook and posted that I was dying my hair today. I had lunch while I waited. Finally I had a shower and washed the dye out. I really like it… What do you think?!



Saturday afternoon we went to Walmart and did some errands. We had some ice cream at McDonalds in Walmart.

Monday evening Nancy my staff got a surprise for me. It was a white box that hooks up to the TV and we can watch music videos, this is very nice. I can use my iPad to watch YouTube on the TV and I control it with an app on my iPad.We used to watch CMT but they never have music videos anymore and there are no commercials!


I went bowling with Special O on Wednesday.

Yesterday I finished the typing for my Vision Impairment Project I am working on.



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