Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Saturday during the day we went shopping for Christmas gifts for the Rose Club Christmas Party. I paid all by myself with no help at all. I was so excited I couldn’t get my wallet back in my purse!

Saturday Night we had Rose Club Craft Night we made Snow Globes out of little jars. We had to use hot glue guns. I told my staff Melissa where I wanted to put the ornaments and she glued them for me. Craft night snow globe.png

After we talked about our Muppets Christmas Carol  that we are doing for the Rose Club Christmas Party. I am playing Tiny Tim. Stay tuned for pictures next week!

On Sunday Mom and I went to a craft sale at the Norsemen.  We had trouble finding a spot to park because someone was parked in the middle of the three handicapped parking spots, making the other ones too narrow for the ramp to come down.  We ended up parking on the end of a row, but when we came out someone was parked right beside us so Mom had to pull ahead to load me while I waited.  It was pretty warm on Sunday so the snow really stuck to my tires – they looked like snow balls.

My brother Joel was home so the three of us made two batches of mint French macaroons.  Joel tells us girls go crazy for these things!  They are pretty tasty!
Mom, Dad, Joel and I played qwirkle cubes after supper.  Joel won.  Qwirkle is an easy game for me to play I can play all by myself. It is like Domino’s but with shapes and colors.
Monday evening I got a new app on my iPad called Sandbox coloring app. Everyone at my house has it so I had to have it! It is really fun. You color pictures with your finger and it is color by number. I am coloring a Butterfly in this picture.
coloring app
On Wednesday Night we went bowling. I got a spare and I bowled 105 both games!


bowling 2

bowling 1

Thursday I did some exercises. I started lifting weights and doing resistance bands, to workout my arms.

Exercising 2

Exercising 1


Thursday evening we wrapped our gifts for the Rose Club Christmas Party. I held the paper and taped it with some help from Marisa. We printed a card off the computer that we made and then I colored and folded it. I am looking forward to the party!


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