It’s going to be a busy Christmas Season!

Friday afternoon I went to the festival of trees with my Mom and her friend Roxanne. I got all my girlfriends bubble bath from Avon for Christmas. I got Craig a hockey picture ornament of a player he likes. I got Miss C something too… but don’t want her to find out so I am not writing it here!


Saturday was the Rose Club Christmas party at the Norsemen Inn. In the afternoon we had a practice for our play. The play was very fun and went smoothly. We do a Chinese gift exchange I got a box of chocolates and a Christmas Light Pattern Blanket. We watched a slideshow that Rebecca made of all of the activities we did throughout the year. It was very fun to see pictures from the year. We did a lot of things! I had pudding for dessert it was good.


There was a dance and Derek & Barry provided the music and later on there was a band. Here is me dancing with Marissa!

xmas party 2

Sunday I stayed home because Mom and Dad were at a Super Bowl Party! So I decorated the house and the Christmas Tree. We had some Christmas Music playing in the background.



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