Happy LOVE Day

I wanted to do a special blog for Valentine’s Day. I asked some of my friends and family what they do for Valentine’s and I also what their Love Language is. If you don’t know what your love language is you should check this out. It is interesting to see what makes you happy and your loved ones.

How to Use the 5 Love Languages, According to Therapists | The Healthy

Nicole – As a family for Valentine’s Day, we make homemade heart-shaped pizzas with the kids. Kevin and I go out on a date sometime on the weekend. Nicole’s love language is a bit of everything. But mostly physical touch and words of affirmation. Kevin’s love language is words of affirmation.

Anna- We also don’t have any real traditions. We did a photoshoot with the kids last year, but that’s it. Apparently, we decorated cookies too ha I forgot!

Elsye – I usually buy flowers for my mom, chocolates for everyone else in the family, and the last few years I’ve gotten together with some friends for a girl’s night.

Robin- I do lots of these but I think my Primary one would be Quality time. I enjoy getting together with those I love and spending time with them. This might be an activity/experience, dinner out, a walk, or even just a long chat. I value this so much! Here is Dean and I spent some quality time together at an Oilers game.

Janet – Love language for me is gifts of service. For my hubby, it’s quality time. I will do his chores or rub his feet. He likes to cuddle while watching movies.

Tammy- Valentine’s Day is very special for us. We were married on that day. This year it will be 35 years!!🥳🎉🎈🥳. Greg often buys me flowers a nice card and we do something special for dinner. One Valentine I surprised him with post-it notes on the mirror….as far as my love language. I enjoy all 5! I love when Greg rubs my back when he comes up beside me and gives me a kiss before he leaves for work. He buys the most amazing gifts. One year I got gold(earrings), frankincense, and myrrh like the Wiseman brought Jesus. I like words of affirmation in his beautifully written cards. I enjoy when he helps with laundry, cooking, dishes, and house cleaning, and I love spending time together playing a game or doing devotions and praying together.

Joel and Ashley – Love language is quality time! We always eat our meals together and usually play games while we eat. 🙂

Kathleen – I did a photoshoot for Tracy’s sister, I went and got a little cake and a thing of Flowers for Nikky’s birthday and gave them to her, and tonight I’m going on a date! I also went to the coffee shop my sister-in-law works at, to visit her for a little bit.

My parents went to Edmonton and looked for new cupboards and new flooring on Valentine’s Day this year! My mom’s love language is quality time and my dad’s love language is physical touch.

For myself, my love language is quality time and giving presents for birthdays and special occasions. I enjoy making homemade valentines’ cards for my friends and going to Valentine’s Day parties at Centra Cam. This year we had a dance party! We also played named the song!
For Valentine’s Day in the evening, we watched Marry me on demand! It was an awesome movie!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine’s Day. Remember to show kindness every day!

January 2022!   It’s a Winter wonderland….”. It’s a beginning of a new year!

My roommate Craig, staff Kelsey and I went to the Camrose Crush hockey game on a Saturday night! 

We watched Wedding Crashers one Saturday afternoon. We had a birthday bash which was Oilers hockey game themed and played hockey Saturday night songs! 

I missed the radio with Rose Club because I was isolated in my bedroom because my brother Joel shared his cold with me and my mom!  The staff had to dress up in covid gowns until I had no symptoms! I have been doing lots of colour by numbers. That Sunday I Face Timed with my mom, and we made mint Chocolate chip cookies!  Once I got out of being isolated, I painted the birdhouse I won from the Rose Club Bingo on New Year’s Eve! I painted the birdhouse rainbow colours! 

I like to watch a cooking show on Facebook by a girl named Natasha.  I really enjoy the Kbaby on YouTube.  Katie and Ben have two kids Avery and Ella and they are having another baby girl coming in February! I really like the Arnold sisters on YouTube as well.   You should check them out! Four sisters who also started doing a YouTube channel, While I’m colouring or doing word searches, I would have them on my iPad!    

In December, Paulette and I started going back to the fire hall to shred paper on Friday mornings!  We usually get two bags full! 

We started watching Shauna Rae on TLC, it’s about a woman who is 22 and is in a 10 year old body! She had Brain cancer when she was 6 months old and stopped growing after chemotherapy! Kinda interesting!

Saturday afternoon Nicki and I went on a winter, snowy and sunny walk around the lake and we went walking underground to the under pathway! Saturday night we watched sisters on Netflix!

On Sunday evening we made oatmeal blueberry muffins!

I’m looking forward to February!