January 2022!   It’s a Winter wonderland….”. It’s a beginning of a new year!

My roommate Craig, staff Kelsey and I went to the Camrose Crush hockey game on a Saturday night! 

We watched Wedding Crashers one Saturday afternoon. We had a birthday bash which was Oilers hockey game themed and played hockey Saturday night songs! 

I missed the radio with Rose Club because I was isolated in my bedroom because my brother Joel shared his cold with me and my mom!  The staff had to dress up in covid gowns until I had no symptoms! I have been doing lots of colour by numbers. That Sunday I Face Timed with my mom, and we made mint Chocolate chip cookies!  Once I got out of being isolated, I painted the birdhouse I won from the Rose Club Bingo on New Year’s Eve! I painted the birdhouse rainbow colours! 

I like to watch a cooking show on Facebook by a girl named Natasha.  I really enjoy the Kbaby on YouTube.  Katie and Ben have two kids Avery and Ella and they are having another baby girl coming in February! I really like the Arnold sisters on YouTube as well.   You should check them out! Four sisters who also started doing a YouTube channel, While I’m colouring or doing word searches, I would have them on my iPad!    

In December, Paulette and I started going back to the fire hall to shred paper on Friday mornings!  We usually get two bags full! 

We started watching Shauna Rae on TLC, it’s about a woman who is 22 and is in a 10 year old body! She had Brain cancer when she was 6 months old and stopped growing after chemotherapy! Kinda interesting!

Saturday afternoon Nicki and I went on a winter, snowy and sunny walk around the lake and we went walking underground to the under pathway! Saturday night we watched sisters on Netflix!

On Sunday evening we made oatmeal blueberry muffins!

I’m looking forward to February!


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