Maryann and her experience with Inferior Myocardial

Kelsey:  What were the 1st symptoms of your heart problems? Explain, how did you feel?  Where were you when it happened? 

Maryann:  I was at home when I had indigestion-like pain. I had been having stomach problems for a few months before that, so I thought it was my stomach. I tried my usual tricks to get rid of the gas, a warm beanbag on my belly, a hot bath but nothing was working. It felt like pressure in my chest, just like a baby elephant was sitting on my chest.                   

Kelsey: What’s did your doctors do at the emergency room?

Maryann:  In the ER, they hooked me up to the cardiac monitor, and told me that I was having a heart attack. I was in denial; I couldn’t believe that!!! They gave me several medicines and then I went to Edmonton’s Royal Alex. The next day I had an angiogram where they found several of my major arteries were blocked. Within four days they put in 4 stents and 2 balloons.

Kelsey: What did you have for heart problems?  What was diagnosed?

Maryann:  Inferior Myocardial

Kelsey: What did your family and friends say or do when you found out what was happening?

Maryann:  My family and friends were shocked and concerned.

Kelsey: What’s would you say to other people that are going through the same symptoms?  How are you feeling and doing today?

Maryann:  I would tell others to go to the hospital if they are having these symptoms. I am feeling great now and my life is getting busier every day.

Kelsey: What are your hobbies and what’s your typical day?

Maryann:  I love to sew, garden, kayak, and swim. I also love to spend time with my dog, Koda and my grandson’s dog, Kai.

Kelsey:  What was your favorite job? Explain how you got into nursing? 

Maryann:  My favorite job was at Team 12. There was a nursing school close to my home in Ontario, so I was able to go to school.  

Kelsey:  How did you get your job at Team 12 and how many years did you work there?

Maryann:  I applied for the job, had an interview, and was hired… I heard about CAFCL through my friend Karen Norrie. I worked there for 3 years!                          

Kelsey:  Have you traveled? Where have you traveled?

Maryann:  I have traveled extensively in Canada, but have also been to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and I’ve also traveled to Cuba, Mexico and Jamaica.

Kelsey:  Where did you grow up?  What did you do after you graduated high school?

Maryann:  I grew up at a lake in northern Ontario, Sesekinika.  After high school, I went straight into nursing school. 

Kelsey:  How many kids do you have and how many grandkids?

Maryann:  I have three children and eight grandchildren.

Kelsey:  Do you have any memories of your parents? What’s your favorite memory of your mom and your dad? What was your childhood like? Do you have any siblings? 

Maryann:  I had a very nice childhood, with my two sisters and three brothers. My favorite memory of my mom is that she was always baking or cooking something delicious. My favorite memory of my Dad is that he was always building something, and he had a great sense of humour and loved to laugh.

Here is some information I found on the internet regarding Maryann’s condition:

Inferior wall myocardial infarction (MI) occurs from a coronary artery occlusion with resultant decreased perfusion to that region of the myocardium. Unless there is timely treatment, this results in myocardial ischemia followed by infarction. In most patients, the inferior myocardium is supplied by the right coronary artery. In about 6-10% of the population, because of left dominance, the left circumflex will supply the posterior descending coronary artery. Approximately 40% of all MIs involve the inferior wall. Traditionally, inferior MIs have a better prognosis than those in other regions, such as the anterior wall of the heart. The mortality rate of an inferior wall MI is less than 10%. However, several complicating factors that increase mortality, including right ventricular infarction, hypotension, bradycardia heart block, and cardiogenic shock.

You can go to this website if you want more information:

Thank you Maryann for sharing your story with me and my blog followers. If anyone else would like me to help with another topic for a future blog I would really appreciate it.


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