December 2021 – It’s started to look and feel like winter just before Christmas! 

The last night in November, my mom and I went to the concert Travis Dolter and saw the Christmas Coca Cola Truck! It was great to hear live music again!

In November we had a craft night with rose club, we made sock puppets for the Christmas party and our Christmas concert. So, the second Friday evening in December it was the Rose Club Christmas party, we were in the play Covid Christmas 2021 and I was Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and I used my sock puppet on my right hand and I had to read lines off the sheet of Christmas concert paper (Covid Christmas). We sang some Christmas songs with special guests form the North Pole and it was the leaders from SingAble, we did a scavenger Christmas hunt in our house, and we found an angel on the top of our Christmas tree and some mittens! We had a Christmas exchange, and I got the Frozen puzzle (from the Frozen movie.)

The next day, which was Saturday afternoon, we did some Christmas shopping for our roommates and wrapped them in Christmas wrapping paper! Everyone is getting PJ’s for Christmas from me!

For the last week of Centra Cam we didn’t doing the Christmas dinner, Christmas exchange and the Christmas party. Instead we had some Special events during the last week of Centra Cam. On Monday morning we watched the movie Elf and coloured some Christmas pictures!  Centra cam gave us a Christmas card and some gift cards from Wendy’s and McDonald’s. On Thursday morning (the last day of Centra Cam) some of the clients and staff were able to go to the bowling alley and I got 109 on my first game and then I got 88 on my second game.  It was a wonderful way to end the year before the Christmas holidays and I had a great time bowling!

I went back home on the Thursday afternoon, and we made cookies to decorate! We also started to make my dad’s birthday cake which is homemade ice cream cake with chocolate sauce and mint chocolate patties on top of the ice cream cake!

We celebrated our dad’s 52nd birthday. So, there’s a story behind this… okay our Dad has a green vest that our grandma Shirley brought him for a Christmas present ages ago that he Loves! So Ashley and Joel decided to buy every one else a green vest to give to him for his birthday presents and we got dad long john’s, new blue jeans and underwear for his birthday! He kept saying What’s going on???   He opened 6 green vests then, we took some family pictures in the front of the Christmas Tree and everyone wore their vests! Then, we opened Christmas presents and they were Old Navy PJ bottoms with Santa Clause on them.

The day after Dad’s birthday, we celebrated Christmas, this was the weekend before Christmas.  We did this because Ashley and Joel were celebrating Christmas in Moose Jaw and Luke might have to work this Christmas!  So on the Saturday morning we opened Christmas presents and then we played Qwerkle together!

For our parents, we bought my mom some boots and we bought dad a new black vest! Joel and Ashley got some cookbooks, and kitchen supplies.  I gave Ashley some fingernails and Luke got some jewelry making supplies! My mom brought her grand puppy Coco Christmas PJ’s !  My Christmas presents this year… Ashley made me a Scrapbook of my Kelsey’s Butterfly lifestyle blog! I got a butterfly and flowers puzzle, word searches books, fingernails, and tattoos pens and stickers.  Brett young’s new CD and an day planner! Luke even made me a ring. My parents found some holders for our game Qwirkle and some score sheets.

Instead of doing stockings, Our family plays a game where you wrap up stocking stuffers into alot of saran wrap and then you roll dice until you get double numbers on the dice and then you give it to the next person!   From the game, I got some shower gel, hand lotion, Christmas socks, face masks and an luffa. On the Sunday afternoon we decorated sugar cookies as a family and then mom and I did our fingernails!

The week of heading up to Christmas weekend!

On Monday evening, we did our roommate’s Christmas exchange! I got lots of bath bombs and a bath bomb kit that you can make your own bath bombs! I got two pairs of PJ bottoms, Willy Wonka themed Candy Land Game! 

On Tuesday evening I went to the swimming pool with Maryann and Dylan. I gave them their Christmas presents! My mom made moccasins and I coloured a Christmas card for Maryann and we gave Dylan swim passes for the swimming pool!

On Wednesday afternoon my mom and I went for our booster covid vaccination shot and then we got our flu shots at the same time at save on foods. Then we made a ham pie for supper! We watched Uncle Buck in the evening and babysat Coco for Joel and Ashley!

On Thursday afternoon I did some word searches and finished the book!   I had to pack for the Christmas weekend!

On Christmas Eve afternoon we were lazy and watched My Dad’s Christmas Date!  It was good at the start, but it got boring after awhile! My parents and I tried out the Qwirkle bonus pack from my Christmas presents!  It has score sheets and holders for the tiles! It’s worked so well! My parents tied and beat me by two points!  On Christmas Eve we had Anna-Marie over for appetizers and we played Qwixx!

On Christmas morning I helped my mom get the stuffing ready by ripping up pieces of bread!   On Christmas afternoon, My parents and I worked on a beautiful butterflies and pretty flowers puzzle that I got for Christmas! It took four hours to do! I helped my mom make sweet potato casserole! After Christmas dinner I watched El Camino Christmas with my parents and my brother Luke! It wasn’t a very good movie and we were disappointed!

On Boxing Day we played a few games of Farkle and we decorated gingerbread houses with Luke! The day before New Year’s Eve we made a turkey pie with the leftover turkey, and we made homemade bath bombs!  For New Year’s Eve we watched New Year’s Eve movie!  We hope 2022 will be better than 2021!  Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


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