Christmas Traditions of my friends and family


My family usually goes to look at Christmas lights and we watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, we usually open up Christmas presents, and then we either do Christmas cookies or decorating gingerbread houses on Christmas in the afternoon!  On Boxing Day we usually go to Lloydminster and celebrate Christmas with dad’s family!  

Donna ‘s family  

Christmas to us is all about family – we love to get together and just eat until we explode out of our clothes and play games into the night. We don’t use wrapping paper but we have Santa bags with each kids name on them and the gifts go in there! The kids love it. We also have a tradition since my boys were small to bake Jesus a birthday cake so we always remember that he is the reason for the season. 


We used to  have turkey for Christmas Eve. But now with family being farther away we have to be flexible. Sometimes my daughter flew in on Christmas Day or even Boxing Day. So we have Christmas turkey whenever we can. Then lots of leftovers. We have gotten together with my niece for Christmas appies on Christmas Eve. I ask each member of family for their cookie request and make what each one wants. Instead of a bunch of baking that no one eats. Christmas is not the same without kids excitement but it is all about Jesus so we celebrate Him. 


We make Swedish meatballs and eat them Christmas Eve instead of the turkey most have – last year preparing and eating we’re virtual. We also open a Christmas Eve box that we open no matter where we are – so if we go to BC we take it and it has treats Christmas movies and our stockings for Santa 😉 


We have appetizers on Christmas Eve and open presents. We draw names and just get for the one we drew.  We often play games and always build a puzzle together. Ice fishing is often the activity for Boxing Day. 


Well when Mom was alive we always met at her place on Christmas Eve and did the “Chinese” gift exchange and we usually ended up arguing every year cause there were really no rules to end the swapping lol. We always had Hors-d’œuvre and fruit cake and goodies to eat. We did this with my grandparents as well so we kept that tradition going. We also meet at my Swedish husband’s Moms place on Christmas eve and exchange family gifts as well and have a different Swedish meal consisting of different casseroles and ribs and Swedish meatballs etc.  When I have my kids over we usually start Christmas day with a huge breakfast and then start the dinner prep and usually eat around 4 pm.  In the past we have also met and started having a raclette meal and usually invite others to join us for New Years. 


We started a new tradition with nieces and nephews this year. We do gingerbread houses, pizza party, movie night and sleepover.  

Melanie and Murray  

We usually do lefsa making with Auntie Karen. 


Every Christmas Eve we go to an outdoor skating rink.  Joshua and Alayna play hockey and I drink a hot drink and watch.   Then we open one present that night.  And then I cook a big Christmas supper on Christmas Day. 


Since getting married and being so far away from my family we do an early Christmas with my side with Turkey/ham gifts, lots of games and snacks. Growing up we always went to my Grandparents in LaCrete for a big family gathering Boxing Day, upwards for 150+people with just cousins, aunts, uncles etc. (Not recently with Covid). On Christmas Eve, Tyrell and I go to the evening service with his family then go back to their home for appies and presents. Christmas Day is just us, and this year Brielle! We open our gifts to each other and have brunch before we head to his parents for Cornish hens instead of Turkey! 


Each Christmas Eve we spend out at my mom and dad’s farm where we always have a traditional Christmas dinner with my sisters and their families.  We eat amazing food like my Norwegian Grandfather’s favourite dish, Lutefisk, homemade cabbage rolls, perogies and lefsa.  After dinner we spend time as a family playing games and visiting.  We love it at the farm. If it’s nice out we often will do outdoor activities like skidooing as well!  We love being at the farm. Here are my 3 kids and our pup by my moms beautiful Christmas tree and warm wood burning fire! 


Our traditions have changed a lot, especially with Covid. I try to get together with friends to do a craft like a Grinch tree or an arrangement. We go to all the kids concerts or watch them on Zoom. I do a bit of baking and usually participate in a cookie exchange. I try to have meals with all my family, which can be hard since all our kids are in different places. I must have turkey, stuffing and turnip (yes turnip) at least once over the holiday. 


We always open our gifts Christmas Eve by the fireplace in our basement! We either have a ham or turkey dinner, We also always have a real Christmas tree at my parents house. We used to go cut one down as a family when we were younger, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen anymore. Picture taking is also unfortunately not part of our Christmas tradition, but here is an old photo 


I couldn’t find any recent pictures of my family on Christmas, it’s been a while since we all got together to celebrate with one another. I also can’t think of many traditions. We usually open gifts one at a time. So I would open a gift, then my sisters and so on until there are no more gifts. We usually make breakfast and then play games all day. We play a lot of cards and board games. We also like to play Mario brothers on the Wii, but it always ends in a fight because somebody is purposely killing other people 😂. Just a super relaxing day spent with family 😁 


Our family always drives around and looks at Christmas lights, last year we did a scavenger hunt and that made it even better! We get together with family and have a Turkey dinner or 10! We enjoy spending time with friends and family over the holidays. 


Before the Pandemic my immediate family would drive to Edmonton Christmas Eve to my Oma and Opa’s house. We would have mussels for dinner. We would drive back to Camrose to have Christmas morning at home. Christmas morning we open gifts and have eggs Benedict for breakfast. Before Covid we would drive back to Edmonton to open gifts with extended family and have Beef Rouladen for dinner. (2020 was only the second year I have had Turkey for Christmas dinner).This last Christmas we had Christmas Eve dinner at my house in Camrose. Christmas morning , Christmas dinner and all day in Camrose as well. This Christmas I don’t know the plans yet but something similar to last year. 


We spend Christmas Eve with Mattias’s family.  We have a mid-afternoon dinner, with lots of Swedish foods, games and a walk after dinner, as long as it’s not too nasty outside. That evening we go to Ferry Point Church (not last year, and probably not this year either – pandemic) where they do a 10:00 candlelight service, with the old wood stove burning, Mennonite carolers, and the old pump organ.  On the way out everyone gets a cup of hot cider. When the boys were little, they would get Christmas Jammies (and often went to church in them) and then were tucked into bed. Christmas morning, we get up early, have a large hearty breakfast, and then open Christmas stockings and then presents.  We have trays for lunch/supper (meats, cheeses, crackers, sweets, fruits and veggies with dips) because that’s what they really like to eat, and then I don’t have to slave over a turkey dinner. 

Annalise’s family decorate the Christmas Tree


My family’s Christmas traditions are, we always watch Polar Express on Christmas eve and then we open a new ornament to put on the tree every year. 


Traditions: Matching Christmas jammies, Christmas movie on Christmas Eve , Skating on the pond with a fire and hot chocolate, Being with extended family. 


Christmas traditions! Well, our traditions have changed over the years. As a child we did Xmas eve at my grandma Neudorf’s house. Stayed until my Grandpa St. Louis came on the radio and told the kids to get to bed because you could see Rudolf’s nose in the sky. Christmas morning we woke up, opened gifts at our house and headed over to grandma and grandpa St. Louis’ for Christmas brunch, gifts and dinner. This day involved tobogganing because they had a hill behind their house.  

Today, we make sure to grab hot cocoa and find decorated houses around town. We watch a ton of Christmas movies but our favorite is Muppets Christmas Carol. From when I was a kid. We would also bring supper to my grandpa’s work at the airport. He would give us weather balloons filled with helium and we would sound like chipmunks while singing Christmas carols. Lol.


I don’t think we really have any traditions other then the normal dinner and opening presents. I guess one is the kids get to open one gift on Christmas eve and it always has Pajama’s and a Christmas movie for us all to watch. 

Auntie Gail

Our Christmas traditions are Usually in the month of December we try to volunteer for something. We have worked for the Salvation Army and usually Wayne volunteers at the Kinsmen tree lot. Christmas Eve we always go to church in the evening and then come home and eat and open most of our gifts. The boys always get new pyjamas and socks. They put on their new pyjamas and we watch a Christmas movie. Christmas Day we always go to Wayne’s family for dinner. This is your dad with uncle Ron and Auntie Cecelia playing music at our family Christmas party.

Breanna, Maryann and Dylan  

We drink hot chocolate by the Christmas tree, play cards Christmas Eve. Usually watch a Christmas movie together. We cook a big meal and talk about the best part of our day after we finish eating. Everyone goes around the table talking about what the best part of our day is and what we are thankful for. We go together to cut down our Christmas tree to a nice little tree farm where we can have sleigh rides and campfires. In the morning everyone can open their stocking but cannot open presents until everyone is up and ready. We have a magical mix of reindeer food that we sprinkle on the snow in the front yard, it sparkles and guides the reindeer to our home. 


Well with my whole family like my parents and siblings we do a 2 day event. Spend a day playing board and card games and doing some baking and then treat the next day like Christmas morning and wake up together and have brunch where the men cook! And the women and kids play and hang out, then we eat and then do gifts and stockings and spend the day just hanging out.

Then with Chris and I and our kids we do Christmas eve together a dinner and church and then matching jammies. Then Christmas morning the kids open their gifts and stockings and we spend the day playing and watching Christmas movies.


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