November 2021! Getting into the Christmas spirit! 

The 1st week and weekend in November we decorated the house for Christmas and then I started Christmas decorating for my parents house! 

My Mom changed my feeding tube in November because my feeding tube was feeding me too slowly so, we changed my feeding tube a month earlier and it is working lovely! 

Niki cut my hair! How do you like it?

We celebrated Janelle’s birthday and we decorated her some jars and lights for her birthday presents! We listened to her favourite music videos and her favourite music is pop and Disney music! 

Kelsey and I played Qwirkle!  In that same weekend we wrote Christmas cards for our friends from the different group homes!  We painted our senior Santa Ornaments!  We also had birthday bash and we danced the night away!

My friend Emily sent her baby picture of Brielle and she finally got into the shirt that I bought her baby in the summers! 

My Auntie Gail gave me some Christmas cards and new markers, so my mom and I have started doing Christmas cards! Thanks so much!

We made stocking puppets for the Christmas party from Rose Club!  We got some games for Christmas presents for the Rose Club virtual Christmas party!

We made oatmeal muffins and banana muffins!

We went to say goodbye to Chester Ronning school and I saw my old teachers and my old grade one aide June Jonson. The school is going to be taken down because they have built a new school! Lots of memories and lots of happy good memories from that school! It’s going to be missed!

 I tie dyed a towel!! 

We painted Christmas sun catchers for our windows.

I hope you had a wonderful November. I can’t wait to show you what I have done in December. I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas and see you next year!


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