My Friend Mary and her fibromyalgia

Kelsey: How did you get the answers to your back pain?

Mary: It took me about 7 years to finally get diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As well as to find out the bottom joint in my back never formed properly.   It’s the joint that carries all your weight so this is why my back has always suffered the most pain out of everywhere else in my body.   It took several specialists to come to this answer.   I finally got diagnosed about 3 years ago.

Kelsey: What was your symptoms?

Mary: My very first symptom has pain in my right hip, which eventually went to my left hip and back.  And gradually has affected most of my body over the years.  My biggest symptom is pain all over my body. But I also deal with fatigue, headaches, numbness in my arms and legs and insomnia.

Kelsey: How did your family act when you found out what’s was happening?

Mary: My boyfriend Joshua was with me through many appointments, tests, emergency room. Visits as well as me getting diagnosed and he has been very supportive the whole time.  Which I am very grateful for. My friends are also very supportive and understanding of my limitations and bad days.

Kelsey: How’s your back pain now? From, 1-10

Mary: My back pain definitely fluctuates. It hurts everyday. But some our worse than others. Most days it’s probably a 4 or 5, which for me is tolerable. But I definitely have days where it’s a 10 and brings me to tears the odd time.

Kelsey: What’s your tips on your experience with back pain? What’s makes better? Dose it make a difference to do things with your back pain? Is there any other places that you might have pain in your body with your Fibromyalgia? Where are they if you do?

Mary: Unfortunately, my pain is what they call nerve pain which is very resistant to treatment. I am on medications, but I’ve been told no medication will reduce my pain more than 50%.   Things I found that help a little are my heating pad. I usually lay with that on my back every night. Which reduces my pain enough to fall asleep.  I also make sure to exercise as much as I’m able. Keeping my body active keeps me from getting too stiff.   I also take a lot of hot showers, which usually helps a little with my aches and pains.  It does affect quite a few parts of my body, mainly my back and hips.  But it also effects my hands and feet that experience swelling and numbness on and off.  I get shooting pain down my arms and legs and have pain in my neck and ribs at times as well. 

Kelsey: Were you kinda glad when you found out what’s happening?

Mary: When I was finally diagnosed, I cried on the way home because I was so relieved, I finally had an answer to why I felt the way I did.   When you are in so much pain and no one can find a reason it’s very easy to start to feel like you’re going crazy. So to have my symptoms validated and given a name was a huge relief.

Kelsey: What’s your childhood like growing up? Did you enjoy your school? Did you make friends easy?

Mary: Growing up I spent many years in Saskatchewan being raised by my Grandma Betty and Poppa Tony.  They were the best people I could have possibly been with. Many of my best memories are with them on the farm. I spent the other years here in Camrose, which was rough at times. But luckily my best friend McHale lived right across the street from me. And we made many many years of amazing memories growing up. I did enjoy school a lot, I made friends quite easy. And enjoyed the schools I attended both here and in Saskatchewan. 

Kelsey: What did you want to do when you grow up? What’s your job now? Did you do more after grade 12?

Mary: For the longest time I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, however with my back issues getting worse I ended up not following that path. I had the pleasure of working in Kelsey’s home for many years, which I loved very much. At the moment I’m at home on leave, but I am currently in college and will be opening my own business within the next couple years. Which I look forward to very much.

Kelsey: What’s your hobbies?

Mary: In my free time I love baking for my family and friends, reading, going to the gym, and visiting with my friends.

Kelsey:  What’s your favourite season, and what’s your favourite holiday Season?

Mary: My favourite season is summer; I’m not cut out for the cold! And my favourite holiday season is definitely Christmas.

Kelsey:. How many brothers and sisters did you had growing up?

Mary: I am an only child, but my Dad remarried when I was older and she had 3 kids from her previous marriage. So now I have two stepsisters and a step brother.  And lots and lots of nieces and nephews!

Kelsey: Where you a Dads or Mom girl growing?

Mary: Honestly neither! My grandparents raised me for the most part, and I was definitely a Grama’s girl.  She has always been someone I look up to.

Kelsey: Where did you go to school?

Mary: I went to school in Churchbridge, SK for a number of years.  Then I attended OLMP here in Camrose.

Kelsey:. Where have you lived, and have you travel around the world? Do you have any favourite places in the world where you been?

Mary: I have lived in Camrose, Brooks, Swift Current, Viking, and Langenburg. I have actually never travelled outside of Canada.  But I hope to one day!

My friend Mary and I met when she was learning about my morning routine.  I was supposed to be moving out of my parent’s house in April of 2015, but it wasn’t ready yet but I moved into the group house in August of 2015! Mary worked upstairs for probably 4 years. I asked Mary Do you like baking?.  She said, ” I love baking ” and I said, she’s hired!   When Mary started working at the group house with me, she had to found a way to lift me without hurting her back!   I was curious about her journey and how she found out about her fibromyalgia!

For more information on Fibromyalgia follow this link:


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