October 2021- a month of thanksgiving dinners, Halloween pumpkins, bats, and some homemade pumpkin muffins!

This thanksgiving weekend we had a turkey dinner and Rose Club radio on the Saturday night! Norseman Inn made us, everything, turkey dinner with the sides! We danced to some thanksgiving music and other recorded music that someone recorded for us. We danced the night away!

We went to Edmonton to celebrate Thanksgiving on the Sunday with Joel, Ashley, and Ashley’s parents! My brother Joel made a smoked turkey dinner with sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Ashley’s Mom made stuffing with hamburger which was awesome!  Too bad the house wasn’t wheelchair accessible because I had to bring my unpowered chair and I was sore by bedtime. We had some blueberry pie and carrot pie that was delicious as well. I got to hold Coco! My mom made ham and pineapple with mac and cheese casserole on Monday and in the afternoon, we visited with our friends Sherry and Lee from Yorkton!

My friend Teresa sent me flowers in a tea pot and teacup … its was a wonderful surprise for me! I can’t believe it’s been like 22 years since we met her, and I was little girl and starting grade one and she was my teacher, and I was her teacher’s pet! We send messages on Facebook to each other, each week, or every month!

My friend Theresa and I went back to Cloud Nine and got our fingernails painted again. I got some Halloween nails, it was, like honeycomb. Orange, white and yellow were the colours! 

I got to FaceTime Mary and see her dog. It’s always nice to catch up with your old staff!

One day I went back to my parent’s house, and we made chocolate chip cookies! Yum they were delicious. This Halloween weekend we dyed my hair purple but it didn’t work! Everyone carved pumpkins on Friday evening! 

On Saturday night we watched two movies which were Halloween Town One and Two.  On Sunday which was Halloween we made pumpkin muffins! We had 70 kids at my parents and we gave out chocolate bars which we ran out of!

I hope your October was fun and you had a good month.


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