January 14-26

On Sunday the 14th I took my new water colors and my new coloring book from Miss C to my parents. The book is kind of like stained glass you can see through the paper. It was really fun and this is my first painting.

Water colors for Miss C.png

On Tuesday afternoon I did some work experience  at Centra Cam. This time I folded towels. I did a pretty good job!


On Tuesday evening my Moms friends and I went to Starbucks to celebrate Lisa’s 50th birthday. She was away in New Zealand and just got back.

lisa bday

On Thursday I finished my Learning Board Poster on Fill Your Bucket. Check it out! What are ways you fill your bucket?

Ways my bucket is filled:

  • When people tell me they like my BLOG!
  • When people tell me I walk well in my walker it encourages me to go farther!
  • When people say you do so well on your school presentations!
  • When people take time to understand me 🙂

bullying board

Growing Up|CP and Inaccessible Schools!

My first Special Blog goes back to when I started school and how things could have been different.


  • Positive – could make friends no problem
  • Negative – I couldn’t go to their houses, they had to come to my house. Their houses always have stairs. So that means I couldn’t go to most of my friends birthday parties.


  • Positive – They could help me with school work and there was no chance for bullying.
  • Negative – I was always with the adults because I couldn’t go play and I heard all of the adult gossip and things about other students. It was hard for me because sometimes you don’t want to know about everyone’s business!


  • Negative – There was no where for me to play! The equipment wasn’t designed for kids with disabilities. I can’t even go on a playground because they are usually covered in rocks or sand! My wheelchair can’t move on rocks or sand!

A positive would have been something like this…..

This summer I got to go on a swing at Camp L.G. Barnes in my wheelchair.


I can’t help but think of how great it would have been to have something like this when I was in school. We looked up a few things on the internet and these are cool accessible playground things for kids. It would be great to see this at a playground in Camrose.

This was a project done in the United States. You should check it out!


Playground accessible


As I started doing my presentations I found not all schools are accessible.

The schools I went to while growing up were easy to get around in my wheelchair, everything was on one floor. Chester Ronning didn’t have a Wheelchair Door Buttons but they do now. In the Comp they had elevators and a lift. I was thankful for this.

I found the following when we went to do school presentations:

  • One school we could only get in the gym, if I had to use the bathroom I wouldn’t have been able to without someone carrying me up the stairs.
  • Another school I could only go in the Band Room. The school had a ramp to get into the school but there were stairs inside.
  • Another school had a wheelchair system in place but it was only for one student that used it.
  • One school has stairs right when you come in the front door. I had to use a side door to get into the school. This school also had a larger bathroom that was supposed to be for wheelchairs but I couldn’t even get in the bathroom stall with my chair and we  had to leave the door open while I went to the bathroom…….AWKWARD!

When we do our presentations we have to ask can I come to your school and can I get into your school! It isn’t a question they think about….

Don’t get me wrong I love going to the school’s it’s just another part of having Cerebral Palsy. I just have to figure out different ways to do what I need to do!

A Special Friend…1 year of Blogging!

On Saturday the 6th Miss C and her Mom came back to Camrose to exchange Christmas gifts. I got a canvas picture of us from our last visit. I also got lots of coloring books, water coloring markers, hair dye & a nail polish set.

She also bought me a star in the sky named after me. Here I am holding the certificates! It feels so special to have her in my life. I am not close to my Grandparents so if means so much to have someone like her.

At Centra Cam I started reading a series called “Strange Museum” I am reading the first book called “The Midnight Ride”. The book is about a family who owns a museum and they have 2 kids Jack & Maddy it is a really good book.

midnight ride

I started to plan my birthday party… it’s in JUNE! I want to go to the Cheesecake Factory in Edmonton! I also want to go Millenium Place to go swimming. I know it’s early but I love parties!

Starting next week I am going to do a Blog once a month talking about my life with Cerebral Palsy. I hope you start to follow my Blog and see what challenges I face every day. I am excited to share my story with you! It’s been 1 year since I started my Blog!

Photo 2018-01-12, 1 21 15 PM


Ringing In 2018

New Year’s Eve December 31st I went shopping for new games I bought Sorry & Trouble. I also bought some ice cream.


New Year’s Eve we had a roommate party. We watched a  movie called New Year’s Eve, ordered pizza and played some games. The games were very fun we played Sorry & Trouble with Tara, Theresa & Jodi. We tried to play Apples to Apples but it wasn’t that fun for us. We stayed up until MIDNIGHT! We watched the countdown on TV and it was fun to celebrate New Year’s!




I also got a new winter coat over the holidays. It is my favorite color!