January 14-26

On Sunday the 14th I took my new water colors and my new coloring book from Miss C to my parents. The book is kind of like stained glass you can see through the paper. It was really fun and this is my first painting.

Water colors for Miss C.png

On Tuesday afternoon I did some work experience  at Centra Cam. This time I folded towels. I did a pretty good job!


On Tuesday evening my Moms friends and I went to Starbucks to celebrate Lisa’s 50th birthday. She was away in New Zealand and just got back.

lisa bday

On Thursday I finished my Learning Board Poster on Fill Your Bucket. Check it out! What are ways you fill your bucket?

Ways my bucket is filled:

  • When people tell me they like my BLOG!
  • When people tell me I walk well in my walker it encourages me to go farther!
  • When people say you do so well on your school presentations!
  • When people take time to understand me 🙂

bullying board


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