Where has this month gone?!

Thursday February 1st was Roseclub Valentine’s Craft night. I really like doing the craft,  I did it all by myself. It was really neat.

Thursday February 8th I went to Hospice Society’s CFCW Critters VS Camrose Minor Hockey Coaches at the rink with Becca & Craig. It was very fun to watch. They threw out free t shirts to the crowd. There was a mascot walking around the rink. Becca and I shared poutine it was really good!

Tuesday February 6th we did our first presentation of the year at Bawlf School. Mrs. Holm had us come to her class. Here is a picture of me presenting.

Kelsey presenting

Friday February 9th we did a presentation at Ecole Sifton, Mrs. Barclay’s class. I left the  the presentation and felt like I made a difference!

I am working on a book it is all about my Learning Board Project and how it came to be. I called the book “A Young Advocate with a Dream” The Secret Story of Kelsey’s Learning Board Project.


February 12th my staff Karli and her husband Alex came by with their new addition baby Wren so we could meet him. I got to hold him he was so cute and so tiny.

holding baby wren

Thursday February 15th we had another presentation at Sparling School. Mrs. Dunnigan has us come to her Grade 5 class.

Thursday night we celebrated my roommate Theresa’s 49th birthday. It was really fun. We had a pizza party and we had her favorite cake “Black Forest”. It was so fun when she opened her gift you can really tell that she is so happy. We are going out on Saturday to celebrate at Mr.Mikes with our roommates and maybe some other friends of Theresa’s.

k & T

We have so many presentations lined up this month and next month. We are really looking forward to this year! This is my 4th year doing presentations and I LOVE IT!



4 thoughts on “Where has this month gone?!

  1. trump5 says:

    Hi Blog Buddy! I love your blog Kelsey, especially the post where you talked about filling buckets. It was a great reminder to me that everything I do in my day can either have a positive effect or negative one on someone else. Thank you for that reminder.

    My blog is https://trump5.blog/

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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