My Birthday

My Birthday was June 7th, On June 6th, I went to Red Deer for the ‘Self Advocacy’ conference. When we got to the hotel, we couldn’t find any parking, we had to drive around a lot. We need a lot of room for my ramp, and none of the accessible spaces had the space. I was excited to attend the conference, but this was frustrating. When we finally got parked, we went in and checked in, our room was pretty good. The conference started out with Zumba, I really enjoy dancing so I went up to the front and had fun. At the conference they gave us all nametags and on the nametag we had to write something that other people should ask us about, mine said “Ask me about my Birthday.”

The next morning, I woke up, and it was my Birthday, I am now 23! This was a big day for me, not only was it my birthday but I  was giving a presentation at the conference about body image. the morning started out good, we had breakfast and the whole conference sang Happy Birthday to me, it was really special. Then we listened to a speaker talk about why it is important to be happy in all situations. Everyone at the conference had to split into smaller groups to watch different presentations. I got to present one, 27 people attended! I was so nervous because I didn’t know the girl who was supporting me to present and I haven’t done a presentation in a long time. It went amazing! It was different from my other presentations because I was talking to adults, and not grade 5 students.

Throughout the conference they were giving out door prizes, I won one on my Birthday! To end the conference they had a big dance for everyone. I danced the whole night away, it was such a great way to end my birthday. The next day, my mom took me to the mall to go shopping, I bought a lot of stuff. Mostly clothes.


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