Happy Canada Day!!

I live super close to a Canada Day Celebration. My dad took me to the celebration on Sunday. We got there in time for cake, I got to eat chocolate cake. Then I got my face painted with a butterfly, but it was a very long wait because it was so busy. We were lucky because the celebrations were so close that we did not have to drive, we were able to walk back and forth which was lucky because there was not a good enough bathroom, out houses do not work for me. I had to go back to the house for my feed, but we went back to the party after. I got a tattoo of a rose, they are my favorite flower because it is my birthday flower and it is the symbol of our city too! There were bands playing so we were able to see those, a few of the ones who preformed were ‘Big Smoke Revival,’ ‘Dextress,’ and ‘Sawbones.’ After the bands were done playing, my dad and I went back to my house and watched the fireworks, we had some friends over and everybody watched the fireworks in the driveway!

I have been busy with Roseclub and look to be even busier this month. We are going neon bowling next week and to Kray Farms in Lacombe the following week. I am forward to them but I have to take my unpowered wheel chair because it is hard to get around in my normal one. There are too many bumbs and when we go to a bowling alley there is a ramp that I cannot get over because my chair is too heavy.  I cant wait to show you guys my next few adventures and what it is like for me to go to these places, it might show you what it is like for me and how I overcome these obstacles.

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