Birthday Party Part 2!

This week has been pretty busy! On Friday I went neon bowling with Rose Club and my staff Melissa helped me. We use a ramp to hold the ball and I am able to push it down. Melissa is able to move the ramp around so that the ball ends up where I want it too. Because it was neon bowling I wore a tie die shirt that I made with Rose club last year, it glowed under the coloured lights. IMG_2867




Saturday my grade 1 teacher Ms. Cherniak and her mom came to Camrose, they live in Wetaskiwin. They brought me presents! I got lots of bath bombs, and some coconut lotion and shower gel, a new outfit and lots of earrings. I made Ms. Cherniak a pillowcase with flowers on it that I crosstitched because it was her birthday too in May.

Saturday night my room mates and I watched a movie called Kissing Booth which is on Netflix, it was very funny! I would recommend that people watch it, my room mates liked it too. I sat in a light brown chair with my red pillow and my Justin Bieber blanket. I have gotten to see Justin Bieber live in Edmonton way back in 2012 it was pretty cool.



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