Centra Cam and Me

At Centra Cam I have a learning board. Every month I make a different poster. This month I made a poster for Terry Fox because the Space and Science Center in Edmonton has a whole exhibit about Terry Fox’s’ life. So when we did my poster we went on the internet and we looked at  Terry Fox’s story. Terry had cancer and had to have his leg amputated when he was 18. He then ran across the country at 22, well almost, for the Marathon of Hope. He ran 3, 339 miles across 6 provinces. Terry Fox was important to me because he told us you can do anything, and that anything is possible even though you might not have the best mobility or be sick. I want to tell people that even though I have Cerebral Palsy I can do almost anything, it might be harder but I make it through  these everyday challenges.


We also did a poster on drugs last month. Centra Cam had a police officer come in and do a presentation on drugs and why they are bad for you. I knew this officer because he was my aide in highschools son in law. He also taught me D.A.R.E in grade 7 and 8. My poster had information about different types of drugs and why they are not good for you to take. It also taught that medicine has to come from your doctor or a pharmacist, so you can not take anyone elses, because it can make you more sick.


Every week on Thursdays at Centra Cam we do a drumming circle. This is held inside or outside depending on the weather. If it is inside we have a sensory room where we play. I really like drumming because it makes music and makes me happy. That is why I am so excited to join the SingAbles choir, because I love music and singing. I have a feeling it will be a great experience.



September so Far

Saturday September 1st, we went to a friends birthday party at Centra Cam. It was the first really cold day, lots and lots of wind. The people hosting the birthday party couldn’t get the door unlocked, since Centra Cam is closed on weekends. We had to figure out the code so everyone had to wait in their cars, but other than this it was a pretty good party. At the party we played Monopoly, this set was pretty cool because it was in braille. There was a plastic part that set over the game, so Mellissa the birthday girl was able to read it, even the money was braille. Everything was braille so it was very neat. I cant imagine how hard it would be to be blind. You use your eyes for everything, I need to see to do everything. It amazes me how she is able to do everything still. Everyone had pizza, kinda like a pizza party, but I just saved my snack for cheesecake! I bought her an iTunes card for her gift because she has an iPhone and she really likes to buy apps so she was pretty happy.

On the 6th Craig played baseball with the Kodiaks. We went and supported him and watched the game. He is always good at sports.


Yesterday was the first snowfall of the season! It is way to early for snow, it is still technically summer! My roommate Teresa and I watched the “Muppets Christmas Carol” last night. While it was playing I made cookies with Becca. We made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for everyone in the house.  I cannot wait to see what next week bring.