Wheelchair Etiquette… a little something everyone should know!

WE 1

It is really hard for me to get through a room when a chair is in my way!

WE 2

I prefer when someone sits down to talk with me when there is a chair available. I understand this isn’t always possible.

WE 3

This is a hard one for people, they don’t think of the chair as part of my body. It’s even harder when I am in my manual chair because people just push me without asking and I don’t always know what is going on.

WE 4

Just because I am in a wheelchair doesn’t mean I can’t help!

WE 5

This is awkward for me!

WE 6

I wish people could ignore the chair and make me feel like everyone else.

WE 7

Don’t be nervous if you see someone in a wheelchair. I enjoy when people say hello to me!

WE 8

I don’t need special treatment I just need to be treated like everyone else.

WE 9

When you are speaking to me take the time to try and find out what I am saying. Don’t assume I can’t talk at all or need someone to talk for me. This is VERY frustrating for me! I kind of get REALLY mad and upset!

WE 10

I can’t do everything myself but don’t assume I need help with everything. I am pretty independent!

WE 11

Make sure you ask me if I need help and I will tell you.

WE 12

My wheelchair is an extension of me and I wouldn’t lean on your back! It just makes it awkward!

WE 13

This is kind of weird and awkward for me when someone is SOOOOO close to me!

WE 14

This makes me feel like I am a jungle gym or a playground…NOT Cool!

WE 16

WE 15

This is very frustrating for everyone, if you notice a van in a handicap parking spot they probably need to open the side door to get out… Not everyone realizes this and it would be helpful if more people did! Be aware of where you are parking!

WE 17

I hope you learned something from this information. I mostly live a normal life but people learning these things could make everyday a little bit better!

Please share this Blog with everyone you know! We could reach so many people and maybe make a difference for some wheelchair users out there!


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