Summer is coming to an end with better things ahead!

On Friday Mary Ann, Theresa and I made chocolate chip raisin oatmeal cookies. We took them to CAFCL and handed them out for an act of kindness. Everyone loved them! I got to taste test and they were really good!
Friday night we went Neon bowling with Rose Club and I handed out glow sticks to my friends. It was a really good night. I LOVE bowling! Neon bowling is my favourite. Mary Ann painted my nails white so they would glow in the dark. It was pretty cool!
Saturday morning I did a facial and Saturday night we watched Otherhood. It was a really funny show I recommend you watch it.
This last Sunday we had family pictures in our backyard. Mom took the picture with her tripod. This year we had an extra family member in the picture!


Tuesday we went shopping for 2.5 hours while my new leg braces were getting my pink straps put on them.  I got some new running shoes, a pink sweater and a red sweater! We went to get purses at Marshall’s. It was a very good shopping trip.
I’m really excited about my new braces… what do you think? This is the first time I got butterflies!
The parking lot at the store was wheelchair accessible and also at the braces store. Which made it really easy for us to get me out of the van.
I’m still waiting for my power chair it has been the longest 3 months EVER! 



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