I’m Always Doing Something!

On Tuesday the 15th I went to Hallmark in the Mall to get a gift for Kennedy my aide from Centra Cam because she was leaving on Thursday. She moved to Calgary for school. I bought her a nice bracelet and a thank you card. I will really miss Kennedy she was very good to me.

kennedy card

On Thursday the 17th Kennedy & I went to Mirror Lake for a stroll and ice cream. When I gave her my gift she started to cry. She loved it.

Kelsey & Kennedy

Thursday night I went to a Wiener Roast at Jubilee Park with Rose Club. I ate a brownie and it was tasty!

eating a brownie

On Friday we had girls day, my room mate Theresa and I painted our nails. I have a box of lots of nail polish, stickers & jewels.


On Wednesday August 23rd I went for a walk with my friends Craig & Terra we went to to Mirror Lake for Ice Cream. I had cookies & cream ice cream it was very yummy!

going for ice cream


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