A fun weekend!

Saturday we had a Birthday Bash with my friends from Rose Club – Rose Club is a group of people who plan activities throughout the month. One Saturday night a month we celebrate everyone’s birthday for the month. This month it was at our house in the driveway. Derek brought his music and we played it from my garage. This time everyone brought a snack to enjoy and we had birthday cake. I brought some muffins. It was a very fun night!


Sunday I went to the Rosebush Lodge B&B Tea House by Edberg with my Mom and our friend Anna Marie. It was closed! But we still walked around the campground. It was kind of hard for my wheelchair because there was lots of gravel. It was bumpy. But I enjoyed the day.

kelsey rosebushAnna Marie - Rosebush Teahouse

After we went to Brown’s Social House. It is very easy for me to get around and we ate on the patio. I had Oreo Cheesecake in a cup it is my favorite cookie and I LOVE Cheesecake. It was very yummy!


My grade 1 teacher Miss Cherniak makes earrings out of paper and she sent me some as gift this week. She also sent me a bracelet and some earrings she bought. I am very thankful that she thinks of me. Every year for my birthday and holidays she always send me gifts.


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