Family is Everything and BVJ Weekend

Uncle Gerald and Terry came to visit from Saskatchewan. They live on a farm where my Mom grew up near Swift Current. They don’t get away a lot because they have chores to do on their farm. This is the first time they have been to my parents house.




BVJ weekend!

Friday we went to one concert because it got rained out and it was muddy. So my wheelchair would have got dirty. We parked at the CRE and the handi van picked us up and took us into the concert grounds. We saw Little Big Town they were so good.


Saturday we saw Tanya Tucker, Kacey Musgrave & Keith Urban. Everyone was really good. We sat on a deck and watched the performances. It was very easy for me because they had a ramp and I could on the deck so we could see so well! Every night after the last show they have fireworks. I jumped high because they scared me. But they were really cool!

Sunday I saw Chris Young & Jason Aldean. This weekend was really fun! I can’t wait to hear who is coming next year.



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